Penny Appeal Waqf
Reviving the Islamic Tradition of Giving

Donate to The Penny Appeal Waqf, and your funds will be invested wisely by our expert teams to generate a sustainable income, which will support our life-saving work for years to come.

Give intelligently; give to The Penny Appeal Waqf.



Reviving the Sunnah

Follow the Sunnah of prophetic giving with the Penny Appeal Waqf.

In a well-known Hadith, the Prophet (saw) instructed Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (ra) to transform a piece of land he owned into a Waqf, with the income generated from this land donated to those in need. The Waqf meaning is to provide a sustainable, ongoing charity through wise investments.

At Penny Appeal, we want to follow the Sunnah and revive this innovative way of giving; whereby every donation will become an ever-growing investment, transforming lives and giving you the ongoing rewards of Sadaqah Jariyah.

Follow the Sunnah and donate to The Penny Appeal Waqf online today.


“When a person dies, their deeds come to an end except for three things: a continuous charity, a knowledge they left which is beneficial; or a virtuous child who prays for them”

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) [Sahih Muslim]

Funding sustainability

Centuries ago, the Waqf model of giving was the foundation of Islamic civilisation.

Penny Appeal has set up a committee of experts from the worlds of both business and philanthropy, who will determine the optimum places to invest our Waqf funds. They will make sure that we have a mixed portfolio with an aim of maximising profits and minimising risk.

Little or large, every donation will become a growing investment, the profits from which will continually support our sustainable projects.  

When you donate to The Penny Appeal Waqf, you are supporting all of our work across the globe – helping us plan for the future and enabling those less fortunate to thrive!



Giving intelligently

Give to charity, the smart way.

What if we treated charitable giving a little more like we treated our investments? What if we expected more from our donations?

Move away from a simple model of give and take, supply and demand. Imagine instead the infinite impact we could collectively make by pooling our donations together, and smartly investing them to produce profits year on year, to help those in need.

The Waqf meaning is to make your donations go further, and maximise your blessings.

Follow the teachings of Waqf in the Qur’an, and give intelligently to the poor.




100% Waqf Donation Policy

100% of your donation to the Penny Appeal Waqf fund will be directed into Penny Appeal’s investment portfolio. Any contribution, little or large, will make a BIG difference to those in need.

All of the interest or profits generated by the assets invested by the Penny Appeal Waqf are donated to charity.

This means that every penny you donate to our Waqf online, or over the phone, will go onto help those who need it most… and then, the profits from your donation will simply keep on growing, and therefore keep on giving, for years to come.



The Meaning of Waqf

The Waqf definition – or Waqf meaning - is to give the profits from a property or valuable, such as shares, to help those in need. Waqf is a long-term investment strategy that breaks the vicious cycle of poverty by empowering communities with sustainable development.

Types of Waqf

There are many different types of Waqf in Qur’an, including Waqf ahli, which benefits the giver’s children, or Waqf al-awaridh, which can be used by a community in times of disaster.

The types of Waqf you will be supporting through The Penny Appeal Waqf are Waqf Khayri, where the proceeds go to charity and helping the poor, and Waqf al-sabil, which funds the construction of important public infrastructure like wells, schools and mosques.

All types of Waqf offer a continuous charity, giving Sadaqah Jariyah for generations to come.

The Waqf meaning is one of intelligent giving, and endless rewards.

The Ultimate Donation

Waqf is a long-term investment strategy that breaks the vicious cycle of poverty by empowering communities with sustainable development.

Follow the Sunnah, donate intelligently and watch as your continuous charity grows year on year.

Donate your Waqf online, to The Penny Appeal Waqf today.


Got questions about The Penny Appeal Waqf?

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