Yemen Crisis Appeal

The already suffering people of Yemen, weary from conflict and hunger, now face an even grimmer reality. At this very moment, thousands of innocent villagers and townsfolk are caught in the crossfire of a deadly war.

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Assault on Hudaydah Port

Wednesday morning, Hudaydah Port, key for distributing food supplies and medical aid to these broken people, came under attack.

As existing supplies run low, leaving 8 million poor souls, including women and children, at risk of starvation, there is a crisis in Yemen.

Over 600,000 people live in the port city alone, many of whom will be forced to flee their homes or risk being caught in the crossfire of deadly airstrikes and assaults.

Ravaged by disease, hunger, and now a war that seeks to strike at their only existing hope for relief, the people of Yemen need our help!

Penny Appeal in Yemen

Penny Appeal is supporting medical centres in the area, providing medical care and relief to the over-burdened hospitals, who lack the trained staff and supplies to treat this recent influx of wounded and sick.

This medical aid is vital saving the lives of these displaced peoples, who through no fault of their own have become casualties of a war they did not start.

Feeding those in Need

Yemen's Cholera Outbreak

Save the lives of those affected by the world's worst cholera outbreak

According to the UN, Yemen is facing the world's worst cholera outbreak in recent years. The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimated as many as 300,000 people have been infected since August 2017 and over 1,300 people have already died since the onset of the epidemic. 

Penny Appeal have been working in Yemen since 2014 providing emergency food, water and medical aid, following a severe famine in the area and a lack of resources due to the ongoing armed conflict.

Now we need your help to provide the much needed medical treatment and essential aid for those in need

        Syrian girl receive health care

Yemen and Cholera

Since 2014, Penny Appeal have been delivering aid to hundreds of families affected by famine and conflict; this includes life-saving food packs, hot food provisions and further essential aid.

Children are dying from malnutrition due to food and water shortages, and with a severe lack of medical provisions, parent's are facing the horrifying decision of which child to feed. The youngest are being hit the hardest; there are claims that a child under the age of five is dying every five minutes.

With the rapidly increasing outbreak of Cholera - a highly contagious bacterial infection spread through contaminated food or water - and a lack of clean water supplies, thousands of more cases can be expected. Affecting both adults and children, it can kill within hours if untreated. 

The need for medical treatment is overwhelming; Cholera medicines are available locally, but the Ministry of Health (MOH) doesn't have the resources to purchase these from private companies, so are unable to make them widely available or free of cost for those in need. 

This humanitarian catastrophe extends beyond just food and illness; the internal conflict has led to a freeze of salaries, soaring of fuel prices, and doctors who can't afford to go to the hospital to treat the citizens.

Penny Appeal are supplying the much needed medical treatment for those affected thanks to your donations, but as more and more people are infected, the need for hospitalisation & hospital beds is increasing and the current capacity of hospitals beds and trained medical professionals just isn't enough.

These people cannot wait any longer - they need your support, right now.

Penny Appeal are able to provide emergency food, medicines, and hygiene kits in aid of the Yemeni civilians.

According to the UN, £1.7 billion is needed to prevent the famine in Yemen.

Please donate to Yemen what you can today to help make a difference and save a life.