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Team Orange is a movement of everyday individuals who are trained to create and support projects that empower local, national and international communities.Anchor

Help out with local causes, get involved in epic challenges and participate in exclusive events

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Team Orange is the Penny Appeal volunteer family, passionate about helping the poor and needy and willing to do all they can to transform lives around the world.


We want people to do good deeds while having awesome experiences.

With Team Orange there’s something for everyone, so whether you want to bag-pack at your local supermarket, run a charity dinner or even climb the highest mountain in the world – we’ve got new and exciting opportunities and experiences for everyone!

It is a vehicle for change. It is a movement, designed to allow individuals from across the country the opportunity to showcase the positive work Muslims do. The idea is to unite people from across the UK, through shared interest, in order to help people from across the globe.

We’ve got some epic opportunities for you to change the world!

Ready to make our world amazing?

Join Team Orange and let’s make it happen.

Be part of a genuinely kind and truly powerful community of change-makers and world-shakers. Climb, run, campaign, volunteer, have heart, make change, fundraise, bring justice and do good. Be Amazing!




With Team Orange there's something for everyone, so whether you want to bag pack at your local supermarket, run a charity dinner or even climb the highest mountain in the world - We've got new and exciting experiences and opportunities for you!

However you get involved - through one of our organised challenges, helping at an event or doing your own thing - you will make a big difference to the lives of vulnerable people around the world



Volunteer your time at a local club or set up your own and help create connections within your neighbourhood over a shared interest. Whether that’s through Team Orange Scout Groups, Sports Clubs, Language Clubs, Religious and Educational Clubs or simply Social Clubs.


Take on an epic challenge to raise money for the less fortunate – run, bungee jump, mountain climb, bake cakes, organise dinners or even skydive! There’s no greater feeling than pushing yourself for a meaningful cause.


Take part in our National Advocacy Campaigns and raise awareness of issues with the aim to create social change for the betterment of our world.



Volunteer and give practical help to communities in need, both in emergency situations and on an ongoing basis. You could do anything from helping the homeless get back on their feet, befriending the elderly or distributing vital food aid in developing countries!


Use your skills and pass on your knowledge to professionals in the developing world. Train teachers in Bangladesh or offer dental aid to the needy in Gambia. You’ve got the skills; use them!


Studying? That’s amazing! Why not start a Team Orange Society at your school, college or university? Raise awareness for something amazing, take on an epic challenge and raise money for truly worthwhile causes!



Aid community organisations! Partner up to help solve problems within your community. From painting your local place of worship, cleaning a nearby park to providing admin support to your local school.


Pass on skills you’ve gained to the next generation. We’ll train you up on a number of our programmes which you can deliver to different institutions, like our Pupil Humanitarian Programme, developing empathy in future generations.

Sign up to #TeamOrange using the REGISTER NOW button above. You can start thinking about your own events straight away by clicking to DOWNLOAD OUR IDEAS BOOKLET and as soon as you know what you want to do click below to register your event. 


Whatever you get up to as part of #TeamOrange you won't be alone - we'll be there to support you every step of the way. 

You can contact us at and keep in touch on social media for the latest news on our events and challenges.