Sponsor a Hifz Orphan

Gain reward beyond measure

There’s reward in caring for an orphan. There’s reward in helping a child become Hafiz.

Supporting a Hifz Orphan is a blessed opportunity to aid in a child’s development and education, while helping them grow closer to Allah (swt) through the Holy Qur’an. You can sponsor an orphan today for just 70p a day, and aid them on their journey in becoming a Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an. Your sponsorship would be a true blessing, and the rewards for helping an orphan memorise the Qur’an are immeasurable! 

100% Zakat - Hifz Orphan Sponsorship

Hifz Sponsorship

Hifz Orphan is a unique three to six year sponsorship based on the kind of support we would like for our own children, along with Islamic religious guidance that is proven to have a lasting impact on the lives of Muslim children. The programme gives children the skills needed to succeed in later life with character building, tarbeeyah, mathematics and literature too all in a positive, fun and enriching environment.

A Hifz Orphan sponsorship is a beautiful opportunity for a child to turn their life around, creating a lasting relationship that brings faith, hope, and a profound appreciation of life.


Hifz Orphan is our unique three to six year sponsorship programme that supports orphans in reading, learning and memorising the Holy Qur’an and gives them the quality care they need to build brighter futures.

How do our Hifz Orphans learn the Qur'an?

Hifz classes are small and led by experienced teachers using modern techniques with a child centric approach that focusses on the individual child’s progress and unique rate of learning because every child is different and every child matters.

By the end of year three, children will have typically completed their Phase 1 Hifz programme and can recite with beautiful tajweed alongside age appropriate tutoring in Mathematics and English.

Phase two focusses on the continued quality of supporting Hafiz Ul Quran ensuring retention and mastery, character building, tarbeeyah and continued development of learning to ensure the nurturing of leaders in communities.

What else does it involve?

All children get additional support to continue in Islamic or mainstream education, or to start a suitable apprenticeship post-graduation in year six.

All our Hifz orphans get nutritious meals each day, clothing and school uniform, healthcare and a dedicated guardian – all in a loving, caring family environment with lots of age appropriate play too.

With the Holy book at the core of the programme, when a child completes their Hifz Education, our students gain excellent moral values, advanced memorisation skills, and most importantly, a loving home and family. This means our children can spend less time working and more time being children.

It's a beautiful gift to care for a child and you can ensure they have the chance at a successful future, out of poverty.

“The best of you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it to others.”


You can support an orphan to become a Hafiz of the Holy Qur’an for just 70p a day.

This provides:




Welcome Pack

You'll receive a welcome pack so you can get to know your sponsored orphan a little better, and every year we'll send you a feedback report which also includes a CD of a selection of our Hifz orphan students reciting the Holy Qur'an so you can see exactly how your support is improving their life and future prospects.