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Education is a vital part of helping children get the start in life they need for their journey towards a successful future.


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You can ensure vulnerable children in Asia and Africa get the schooling they need and deserve through Education First.

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Turkey Child Caravan Project

There are now more than 3.2 million Syrian refugees in Turkey – nearly half are children –and most are struggling to access basic services like health, education and housing.
To help Syrian refugee children integrate into Turkish society and continue their education, Penny Appeal has now launched a mobile teaching resource in Istanbul.
The Penny Appeal Child Caravan teaches Syrian refugee children basic literacy, numeracy and Turkish language skills and helps young Syrian refugees build social and emotional literacy, helping them relate with children of similar ages.

Our Penny Appeal schools are an ideal environment to teach, inspire, encourage and nurture young minds.

Lessons are given in the local language and in English, covering a broad and recognised curriculum to ensure maximum opportunities.

Education charity involves desks, textbooks, fully trained teachers, stationery, a library, play equipment

Children are our future.

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