There is a silent crisis taking place around the world

It is the crisis of the millions of missing children that no-one is looking for.

Rescue a child from the streets this Ramadan 2018

You can help to rescue the countless forgotten children that have no one to care for them and are out there, right now in the cold, living on the dangerous streets.

Thousands upon thousands of these children are living in abject poverty; most likely with no family to speak of, and they face a daily battle for survival. They’re extremely vulnerable to exploitation, which includes physical, psychological and sexual abuse, which is simply unacceptable. Instead of being able to play, laugh and just be children, they’re being forced to grow up much too fast.

Robbed of their innocence and their childhoods, they desperately need your help to get off the streets and into a safe haven.

Penny Appeal is setting up Rescue Centres in places including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Senegal to get vulnerable children out of danger, fast.

With many of the children being severely traumatised and distrusting of adults, we have specially trained Outreach workers who work to establish a friendship with these kids and gain their trust. Once at the Centre, they will receive food, clean clothes, medical treatment, schooling, counselling, and a safe place to stay.

Out of immediate danger, we then arrange the best care for them long-term. Wherever possible, we reunite children with their families, continuing to support them with food and education so they won’t be forced back into work.

Where this isn’t possible, we arrange for a permanent guardian to care for them as a parent would so these children can have a real chance at building a real and successful future. 

You can help to save these children.

Donate now and give children back their childhoods.