The Amir Khan Foundation is working with Penny Appeal to make a difference to the lives of orphans by giving them an opportunity for a better future

Together, we’ve identified an orphan home project in one of the poorest nations in the world, The Gambia, where we're building a complex to provide a safe place for 100 orphans.

This complex will include a community centre, school and clinic – but most importantly, it will facilitate small orphan homes for countless children to enjoy their childhood, ensuring the orphans get the essential care and love they both need and deserve.

Each home will accommodate 10 children and allow them to live as siblings in as natural an environment as possible.

We’ll also be providing a comprehensive education,

medical support and nutritious meals.

Children guide Amir Khan around their village in The Gambia

Amir Khan Foundation and Penny Appeal in The Gambia

With a focus on quality, we strongly believe these orphans deserve to be cared for the same as our own children, and we will ensure this through regular monitoring and ongoing support.

Please donate today and help build a home for these innocent and vulnerable orphans.