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South Asia Flood Emergency



Deadly seasonal flooding in South Asia has affected over 16 million people and has already killed at least 500 people.


Food pack £50 Medical Supplies £150 Emergency shelter £300


Officials report that the crisis is expected to worsen as swollen rivers carry rainwater from neighbouring India downstream into the low-lying and densely populated country.


The floods in Nepal, Bangladesh, and India have already begun to cause severe implications on human health, and these implications will continue to be felt after the adverse weather has ceased. This is why it is imperative that we act quickly, efficiently, and are able to maintain poverty relief following the crisis.


We are responding to this crisis, aiming to help people with lifesaving aid; food, medical aid, and emergency shelters for those displaced from their homes.

 Floods in Bangladesh  Floods in Bangladesh

Nepali police spokesperson, Pushkar Karki, spoke to Reuters,


"We will now focus more on rescue of those trapped in floods and relief distribution. People have nothing to eat, no clothes. So we have to provide them something to eat and save their lives.”


Your support is crucial at this time, as we still need donations to reach millions of people suffering.


Help us to save lives. Please donate now. 


Floods in Bangladesh Floods in Bangladesh


Food pack £50 Medical Supplies £150 Emergency shelter £300

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South Asia Flood Emergency



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