Afghanistan Emergency

Afghanistan is now being called the worst humanitarian crisis on earth by the UN.

An unprecedented economic collapse combined with the worst drought in its history – driven by climate change – has resulted in

half the population (23 million people) rapidly heading toward famine. More than a million children are at immediate risk of dying.

Close to 700,000 people were internally displaced by conflict events in 2021.  The country is struggling with a fourth wave of COVID while most health clinics have closed, and the health care system is on the brink of collapse. The withdrawal of western funds has only worsened the situation,

but Penny Appeal is committed to continue our support on the ground in this unfolding catastrophe.

Penny Appeal has taken immediate action and is providing food, cash grants, clothing, hygiene kits and medical aid to the most vulnerable including children.

 Please continue to support our brothers and sisters during their time of need. Donate now. 

Penny Appeal's Response 

Penny Appeal are on the ground providing food, Hygiene and cash distributions to communities that have been most affected. £25 can provide a hygiene pack, £50 can help provide food for an entire family for one month and £300 can provide cash assistance to poor families