Winter Emergency 

You could help save someone’s life during the harsh winter months

Right now, people are freezing to death in places like Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Bangladesh, Yemen and right even here in the UK. They're in desperate need of your help.

You could help to save lives during the harsh winter months by providing vulnerable families with food, winter clothing and shelter to ensure they can survive the extreme weather. 

Protect people abroad from the winter

Help entire families

Help people at home in the UK

For every project we do abroad, we do a sister project right here in the UK. 

So this winter, we're not only saving lives around the world, we're also helping vulnerable communities a little closer to home, such as the elderly, families living in poverty and the homeless.

There's nothing more British than a good cuppa, but tea comes from the east.

Penny Appeal is a British, Muslim charity; our faith is from the East, but we are proudly British.

#AsBritishAs a Cup of Tea

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Watch the film below to learn more about our work abroad & at home.

Last year we helped 42,800 people survive the harshest months of the year.

With your donations, we delivered food, warm clothes, blankets, fuel, shelter and emergency winter items that helped thousands of people survive the freezing cold.  

Watch the video to see your aid in action – Rizwan Hussain visited refugee camps in Lebanon, where we were able to provide the essential items needed, thanks to your support.

Reaching more people

As well as refugees, another problem prevalent during winter is that of people in hard-to-reach areas. These people may live on hillsides, or on elevated plains that, in the height of winter, become utterly inaccessible. Due to the adverse weather and already poor infrastructure, delivering aid to these people is extraordinarily difficult. They can't reach out for help, or travel safely to their local market for supplies.

Penny Appeal is working tirelessly to reach these people, in areas such as Pakistan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Bangladesh and Yemen to provide the aid that will protect families from the mortal dangers of winter exposure. Our work on the ground in these areas save lives, and helps people to fight back against the bitter cold.

With your help, we can reach more people in hard-to-reach places, more refugees on the run from conflict or persecution and more families struggling to survive this difficult time of year.