Syria Winter Appeal

This winter, millions of Syrians are even more at risk. Winter in Syria can be extremely harsh, with periods of heavy snow and temperatures well below zero.

In the aftermath of the recent Storm Norma, flash floods have devastated thousands of internally displaced people in Syria. Over 4,600 Syrian families have had their tents and makeshift homes damaged or completely destroyed by the floods.

Syrian children are struggling to cope without shelter, blankets or heating in these freezing temperatures. There is a very real danger of small children and babies freezing to death.

Donate now and help Syrian parents keep their children safe, warm and well.

We have to Do something.

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Storm Norma: Thousands of Lives in Danger

Winter is every parents’ nightmare in Syria


Winter in Syria can be extremely harsh, with periods of heavy snow and temperatures well below zero. 7 million men, women, boys and girls have fled their homes and are internally displaced; many have been forced to flee with inadequate clothing and have to stay in make-shift shelters, which leaves them extremely vulnerable to rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

Over 1.5 million children face freezing temperatures this winter, without warm clothes, good food, or shelter to keep them warm. Winter is every parents’ nightmare in Syria.

Do something today to save lives in Syria this winter. 

Each year, Penny Appeal is on the ground reaching tens of thousands of people with life-saving winter aid including warm food, clothing, blankets and heating essentials. This year, insha’Allah we will be delivering your aid to those most in need across eight countries, one of which is Syria.

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Last winter YOU helped
22,622 people

Just one of the people we helped with your generous donations, was Muhammad. Since Muhammad lost his eyesight 8 years ago, his family have been struggling to survive. His wife Shaeen told us: ‘If someone gives us food for eating then we eat, otherwise we remain hungry.’ Because of you we were able to provide the family with blankets, food and other essential winter items. 

Your support has meant we could help over 22,000 people around the world. Thank you!

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