Home is Not Home for Flood Victims in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, the average winter temperature is -1 °C. 

There are 1 MILLION internally displaced people in Afghanistan, and the Parwan Province is home to thousands of these displaced families who are now struggling to survive. Recent flash flooding in the area has devastated the community and with harsh winter weather on its way, Afghani people who live here are in danger.

Help us save lives this winter in Afghanistan; donate today to keep families safe and warm.

Help Keep Out the Cold This Winter

Years of war have crippled Afghanistan, leaving 54.5% of the population to live below the poverty line. Poor families struggle to provide for themselves on a daily basis here but as winter approaches, their difficult living conditions become even worse. Temperatures will drop below freezing and without winter provisions, disadvantaged families have no chance at survival.

The people of the Parwan Province are especially vulnerable this winter due to violent flash flooding that swept through their homes recently. The deadly flooding killed over 500 innocent people and injured 150; more than 1,500 houses were destroyed and thousands have been displaced as a result. Some areas in Parwan have been completely ruined, and the poor people living there have lost everything. Their homes have been taken away from them, as well as any sense of security they had built. 

Help keep out the cold this winter, and donate now.

Winter in Afghanistan

It’s difficult to stay warm at home throughout the winter when your home has been destroyed in a natural disaster. Families who have not been able to rebuild their homes or purchase extra supplies for winter are not prepared to face the cold.

Many flood survivors are now in desperate need of food, shelter and supplies, so Penny Appeal and our partners on the ground have organised crucial winter distributions for the victims of this disaster. As the cold sets in, we’re protecting vulnerable Afghani families by supplying them with food packs, sleeping bags, hygiene kits, warm winter clothing and medical supplies. We will also be supplying winter-proof tents to the families who lost their homes in the floods. 

You can support our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan by making a life-saving winter donation to our Afghanistan Winter Emergency Appeal. Help us deliver essential supplies, and bring the warmth of home to the people of Afghanistan.

Home doesn’t feel like home for thousands in Afghanistan, but you can ease their suffering. Donate today!