Qurbani in Palestine

Nearly 40% of all Palestinians are food insecure.

You can provide nutritious Qurbani meat for 5 families in Palestine with a single donation this Eid ul-Adha, donate your Qurbani to our brothers and sister in need and give them the Eid celebration they deserve.

Give your Qurbani to Palestine

Qurbani in the Holy Land

This year you can once again make Qurbani donations to poor families in the Holy Land!

The effects of conflict, an unproductive economy, restricted trade, limited access to resources and large numbers of people living below the poverty line leave many families food insecure. You can help Palestinian families have an Eid ul-Adha to remember when you donate Qurbani to Palestine for £350.

A single Qurbani donation will feed 5 families, and for many of these families this will be the only meat they get for the entire year. Last year we delivered your Qurbani donations to over 2,000 people in Palestine, let’s try to help even more families this year!  

The prices for Qurbani in Palestine are higher because each donation will be going to 5 whole families in desperate need, and each Qurbani will be carried out according to the proper Islamic guidelines right there in the Holy Land.

Don’t let our brothers and sister in Palestine struggle this Eid, donate a Qurbani for Palestine today!

8 Years Delivering Qurbani to those in Need