Qurbani Lebanon

With your support, thousands of families in Lebanon will be gifted the opportunity to enjoy Eid-ul-Adha thanks to your gift of Qurbani.

Donate your Qurbani to Lebanon 

Give your Qurbani in Lebanon and provide over 57 nutritious meals with the purchase of a goat, sheep or a share of a Cow or Buffalo.

Penny Appeal is working in Lebanon to provide hundreds of thousands of needy people with good quality food, who would otherwise go hungry and suffering.

Donate your Qurbani in Lebanon and help families in need celebrate this most joyous occasion!

Penny Appeal's Qurbani in Lebanon


Your Qurbani will provide thousands of meals in Lebanon benefiting hundreds of thousands of people living in desperate poverty.

Your Qurbani reaches those most in need, including orphans, the elderly, widows, and those with disabilities.

It is all thanks to your donations, impoverished communities across Lebanon were able to share the happiness and joy of Eid-ul-Adha.

Give your Qurbani in Lebanon today!

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