1. How can I join #TeamOrange?

It’s really easy – just fill out the online form or fill in the registration form at one of our events. After you complete the online application, you’ll receive an online induction presentation and online test, once you’ve done this, you’re good to go!

2. How much time do I need to volunteer?

It’s really up to you. When opportunities come up, we’ll let you know and you just have to put your name down. Each opportunity has a different level of commitment, some may be one-off events, while others could be up to 6 months. All we ask is once you’ve made a commitment, try your best to stick to it.

3. Do I get my expenses paid?

Yes, of course, there’s a breakdown of everything you can claim back and how to do it in the volunteer expenses form.

4. Do I need qualifications?

Nope, for the majority of our opportunities you won’t need any prior experience or qualifications. For some of our partnership organisations, they may ask for a specific skill set, but these will be explained to you, as and when they come up.

5. Will I get training?

At Penny Appeal we take personal development very seriously. Not only do we give a wealth of experience, we also offer a variety of training sessions that run on a monthly basis.

Most of our opportunities won’t really need any training, but we’ll give you a volunteer buddy to keep you on track. Some opportunities will require specific training, which we deliver and is open to everyone.

6. How old do I have to be to volunteer?

You must be at least 16 to volunteer with Penny Appeal, there’s no upper age limit.

7. Can I volunteer together with my family or friends?

Yes, definitely! We want to grow our volunteer family and most of our opportunities are for groups, so the more the merrier!

8. I feel I need some extra support to volunteer – is that possible?

Of course, all of our staff and senior volunteers are ready to help at the drop of a hat. So feel free to speak to us and we’ll give you as much guidance as you need.

9. I have an issue and I’m not sure what to do?

We take any issues with the utmost discretion and importance. If there’s something you’re unhappy with, please speak to your local fundraiser.

If the issues persist or you would like to take some further action, please email us at teamorange@pennyappeal.org.

10. Can I get t-shirts, posters, balloons etc for an event I am putting on / taking part in?

Of course! We can provide things like t-shirts, balloons, pens and wristbands. Give us a call on 03000 11 11 11 or email us at teamorange@pennyappeal.org to let us know what you would like.

11. None of these FAQs answers my question, what do I do now?

If you have any other questions email us at teamorange@pennyappeal.org.