Why Sponsor Us?

As one of the most pioneering and ambitious events
of the cycling calendar, this event will last 60 days,
cover 4,000 miles on a cycle, traverse 110,000 feet of
elevation and cross through 17 countries.

That’s Epic… You can be a part of it

Sponsorship queries: Junaid Afzal 07900003233


Raise your profile:
This event will be promoted in Mosques and centres throughout the UK and abroad.
Sponsoring Tour De Hajj 2019 will raise your company profile, increasing your credibility
and prestige, especially for travel or hospitality organisations.

Gain positive media exposure:
Your company will be publicised in association with Tour De Hajj in television interviews,
publications across the internet and in print, through radio waves and of course in
our advertising and fundraising efforts, news of your support will reach employees,
shareholders, the public and the world through local, national and international press
and media outlets, not to mention a hotbed of social media advertisement that is
often the most effective format of all.

Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):
By sponsoring this challenge you will be aligning with ‘Penny Appeal’ registered
charity in saving lives and promoting human rights and equality. Throughout this event
we hope to raise well a minimum of £500,000 to fund projects that feed the starving,
clothe the cold and shelter the homeless. Penny Appeal are involved in projects
to bring education to children who have no access to it, water to those whose life
revolves around the clean water struggle and construct and rehabilitate Mosques in
countries lacking the access to free and safe worship. Your sponsorship and support
will enable us to focus on working to maximise the awareness and fundraising efforts
for these noble causes.

Engage your employees, family and friends:
Improve staff engagement or involve family and friends by setting fundraising pledges
that they can raise. This will not only raise awareness of our charitable focus but will
also engage positive mention of your employees, family and friends to the people
they know. Additionally your company or individuals can also fundraise for a full
project in memory or dedication to a loved one or colleague.

Sponsorship queries: Junaid Afzal 07900003233