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4,000 miles. 17 countries in JUST 60 days.

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For the first time ever, eight cyclists will take on a ground-breaking challenge; riding all the way from London to Medina on the 4,000 mile Tour de Hajj!

Every pedal they cycle will be made with a vision to raise half a million pounds to build wells, schools and mosques– transforming whole villages for good.

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The Dream

It all started with a dream.

Waseem turned to his colleague Junaid one day and told him, “It’s my dream to cycle to Hajj”.  Junaid didn’t think much of it at first, but he found that he couldn’t shake the idea. It was the first thing he thought about when he woke up, and the last thing on his mind as he went to sleep.

“Insha’Allah, I’m going to make this happen,” thought Junaid.

And now, Waseem and Junaid are getting ready for the ride of their lives.

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The Journey

On June 7th 2019, an ambitious group of eight cyclists will embark on a mission of a lifetime. Cycling from London to Medina, the Tour de Hajj will last 60 days, covering 4,000 miles by bike, reaching 110,000 feet of elevation and journeying through 17 countries.

Our brave Tour de Hajj cyclists will be cycling through punishing climates and altitudes, pushing their bodies to the absolute limit.



To break the cycle of poverty in entire communities, for good.

The Tour de Hajj riders are tackling this epic challenge to raise £500,000 – almost half a million pounds – to bring communities of people around the world the basic necessities they need to break free from poverty, and enjoy lives of dignity and joy.

Penny Appeal will be working in 5 villages in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Uganda, building vital infrastructure of wells, schools and mosques which will help boost health, nurture faith and build brighter futures.

In the Mataro Tar village in Pakistan, we will be supporting a community of 280 people. As it stands, the village has a dilapidated school with no furniture, crumbling walls and a severe lack of teachers – many children simply don’t go to school any more. There isn’t a well or a mosque in Mataro Tar at the moment; therefore the villagers’ physical and spiritual health are at risk.

With your help, thousands of people in villages like Mataro Tar will see their communities transformed through the building of life-changing schools, wells and mosques.

“We want to create a legacy and show people what’s possible. For every pedal pedalled, the riders and donors will be rewarded, and our sins washed away.” - Tour de Hajj rider, Waseem

The Tour de Hajj team want to transform the lives of whole communities.

Whilst we live with so many privileges, many people lack the basics they need to survive.

The Tour de Hajj riders are attempting to raise £500,000 – almost half a million pounds – to bring villages the basic necessities they need to break free from poverty.

The money we raise from the Tour de Hajj will go towards building wells, schools and mosques in impoverished villages. This will dramatically increase whole communities’ quality of life and give them the chance for a better future.


Build Schools for better education

Build Mosques to help develop communitiesimages

Cycling from London to Medina, our Tour de Hajj cyclists will battle through exhaustion and intense physical strain on their epic 4,000 mile journey through 17 countries, in just 60 days. They’ll be riding through the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

Our Tour de Hajj cyclists are doing all this for the sake of Allah (swt), and to help raise money to help lift whole communities out of poverty.

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