The Reasons They Ride


~” Charity starts with something as small as a smile. We want to make people smile around the world, by providing much-needed projects around the world. We will face daily challenges as a team, and as an individual, to make this happen. All I ask from you is to make dua inshallah, and support our cause.” – Tahir Mahmood ~

The Tour de Hajj cyclists are tackling poverty one mile at a time, from London to Medina. This team of riders have taken up the ambitious challenge of raising £500,000, to give poor communities around the world everything they need to break the cycle of poverty and open the door to a brighter future!

Penny Appeal will be working in various villages in PakistanSri LankaSouth Africa and Uganda, building vital infrastructure such as wellsschools and mosques, that will help communities nurture faith, promote a healthier standard of living and provide children with the opportunity to thrive.

Have a closer look at what these cyclists are riding to change!

Jhando Lashari


The village of Jhando Lashari has a population of 350 villagers, and is currently facing a horrible drought, meaning there is very limited drinking water throughout the village. People fetch water with a traditional pulley system in an existing dug well, which is an extremely difficult task for a single person to complete. With your support, a more advanced solar powered water and power centre would be installed, providing these villagers with easier access to safe drinking water and saving their precious time.

Jhando Lashari is populated solely by Muslims, but sadly the current Mosque in the village is made of mud and thatched materials, and does not accommodate the religious needs of the entire village. The village also has a single classroom Government primary school, but it is not equipped with any facilities and currently, does not have a teacher for the school. The whole village is living under the poverty line, and is in desperate need of aid, aid you could provide by supporting the Tour de Hajj. 


Mataro Tar


In the Mataro Tar village, we will be supporting a community of 280 people. As it stands, the village has a dilapidated school with no furniture, crumbling walls and a severe lack of teachers – many children simply don’t go to school any more. There isn’t a well or a mosque in Mataro Tar at the moment; therefore, the villagers’ physical and spiritual health are at risk.

With your help, the villagers of Mataro Tar will see their community transformed through the building of life-changing schools, wells and mosques.


Saba Nagar

Sri Lanka

376 people live in the village of Saba Nagar, but the population there is lacking many necessary amenities. The lack of water facilities in Saba Nagar has caused many villagers to face the gruelling challenge of traveling miles upon miles to gather water for drinking and farming, and there are currently no toilets anywhere in the village. Many infrastructures within Saba Nagar are in desperate need of repair, one in particular is the village’s primary school.

56 children attend school in Saba Nagar, their classes being held in a temporary building. There are 4 teachers at this school, who teach the children up until grade 5. When the students finish their primary education, they will be faced with going to another school that is very far away from their village. Supporting Tour de Hajj will provide the funds Saba Nagar needs to build a better school, a solar panel water and power centre and install other important amenities that will raise the villager’s quality of life.



South Africa

Despite Islam being one of the fastest growing religions in South Africa, Zululand does not currently have a mosque. A mosque in this village would fulfil the spiritual needs of everyone in this rural community and promote the beautiful teachings of the Qur’an. There is also a desperate need for a new school in this village, as the old one cannot meet the learning demands of the children in Zululand. With a new school, the children will have a better chance at a bright future.

The people of Zululand currently have to travel a long distance on foot to fetch water for drinking and farming. This takes up a large portion of their day, and causes many children to miss school in order to help their parents gather water. With a solar powered water and power centre, the time and labour expended on fetching water for crops, animals and families will be eliminated. This centre will also provide the villages new masjid with the capability to have proper wudu facilities.




The village of Cinya has a population of 500, and a mosque that cannot accommodate everyone who lives there. The mosque that is currently in the village is makeshift and dilapidated, and many villagers feel uncertain in its stability.

By making a donation to the Tour de Hajj, you will be helping to build a large mosque in Cinya that will be situated along the main highway through the town. This mosque will provide enough space for everyone in the village to pray and worship Allah (swt), as well as have the capacity to accommodate anyone travelling through Awika Parish who wishes to pray.




Ombokoro village is among the least developed areas in the Arua District of Uganda, and with a population of 415 people, it is in dire need of aid. The people from this village are about 3 kilometres away from a reliable clean water source, and this severely affects the people of Ombokoro’s lives.

The installation of a solar powered water and power centre will transform this village for the better by facilitating farming and vegetable production, brick laying and safe, clean water for the entire community.


Najjah Tanganyika


Najjah Tanganyika has a population of 700 people, but economically the community is barely getting by. Due to the village’s rampant poverty, parents cannot even afford two meals a day let alone support their children with school fees and other scholastic materials.

Government funding for the school is scantily available and most certainly not enough to cater for all the schools in the region, which forced many children to miss out on their education. In supporting the Tour de Hajj, you are supporting the education of the children in Najjah Tanganyika. A good education is the foundation for a good future, and aids in breaking the cycle of poverty for generations to come!

This team rides for change; 4,000 miles through 17 countries, all in a mere 60 days! Let’s support their journey and the amazing things they hope to achieve, building vital schools, mosques and wells in villages that are most in need


~ “For Change. We get so lost trying to accumulate in this dunya (life) that we give up on our dreams and what makes us happy. Do I really want to look back at life when I’m lying in a hospital bed waiting for death, and regret the time I spent in-front of screen making someone else wealthier, when I could have done something epic and changed so many lives on the way?” – Junaid Afzal ~