Build a Well in Pakistan

Donate £300 one-off or £25 per month to build a well in Pakistan

Your Water Well in Pakistan

Pakistan Case Study

The majority of households in the Pakkay Wala village, Jhang, Pakistan, had no access to clean water, people would risk their health by drinking from dirty water sources.

Penny Appeal donors have provided a tube water well which is now providing the whole village with clean drinking water.

The people of the village said: “We used to spend hours hauling water, now we can go to our work and can grow more food, Mashallah.”

By donating a water well you can give families reliable access to safe, clean drinking water.

Our water well appeal is Zakat Applicable and Penny Appeal has a 100% donation policy for all Zakat donations.

Start building your Thirst Relief well now for as little as 82p a day.

Build a Well in Pakistan

Donate £300 one-off or £25 per month

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