Solar Panel Water and Power Centre

The Solar Panel Water and Power Centre is a specially designed project that provides water and electricity to entire communities.

Give the gift of safe, clean water today

Transform a community with the power of a group

Donate £140 a month to Thirst relief, and we’ll team you up with other supporters doing the same. Together you will build a Solar Panel Water & Power Centre. Upon completion, we will send you a full feedback report.

These incredible feats of engineering not only provide running water to the homes of up to 1,500 people and 1,000 livestock, but also supply electricity and power to schools and mosques as well!

Placed in desert areas, the Solar Panel Water & Power Centre can fill a reservoir that holds enough to hold 3 days worth of water to ensure they don’t go without on those cloud-covered days.


In the desert areas of Pakistan, water can only be found hundreds of metres below the ground, so a traditional hand pump or even a bucket and rope system just won’t work. Our solar panel system will harness the sun's energy to bring water up and into a holding tank. From this store, the clean water is also piped directly to homes, with each household allocated a fair amount based on how many people live there. Farmers can also access the tank to water their crops and animals.


As well as running the pump to bring up the water, the solar panels generate electricity, which can be routed to other buildings such as schools, mosques, and even power centres where people can charge appliances such as torches and radios.

All this means that entire villages have the basic supplies needed to for healthy lives and to work and learn their way out of poverty.

One Solar Panel Water and Power Centre costs £20,000.

Why not join together with family, friends, classmates and colleagues to raise the amount and earn the sadaqah jariyaa of supporting an entire community?

Call us if you'd like to do this - we can support you with fundraising ideas and materials. Or you can contribute towards a solar panel water and power centre as Zakat or sadaqah to help our project reach even further.