Ramadan Challenge 3.0

Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and self-improvement – are you up for the challenge?

The Ramadan Challenge 3.0 offers you endless ways to get active and adds a healthy dose of fitness to the 30 blessed days of this holy month.

Sign up for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 to smash your goals this Ramadan!



Walk, run, jog, or cycle, the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 is yours to take on during this holy month however you want. It’s your challenge, your way with every penny you raise supporting those in need!

The Ramadan Challenge 3.0 is simple, and you can easily take it on while keeping your fast and reflecting on this blessed month. Just pick an activity you enjoy and commit to taking it on this Ramadan. You could run 3 miles, do 30 burpees, or spend 30 minutes doing Yoga in your living room – this is your challenge so get active in a way you’ll love. Click here to see a list of 30 inspiring challenge ideas.

During the final 10 nights of Ramadan, you can even boost your rewards by doubling your fitness efforts and fundraising to catch the Night of Power when it comes to us.

Ramadan is one of the most beautiful times of year but training this month can be tough. Team Orange will be here to support you each and every day of Ramadan, and you’ll feel the rewards of all your hard work when you’ve hit all your fitness goals and outdone yourself with fundraising for our Emergency Response appeal.

Join us for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 to stay fit while fasting this Ramadan!


Energize Your Ramadan & Save Lives!

Get inspired to go the extra mile this Ramadan, and encourage your friends to do the same by signing up for this virtual challenge. Ramadan is a special time for us all, so make it that much better by getting physically active for charity!

Getting active during Ramadan will enrich your experience during this spiritual month because every time you hit the pavement, you’ll be working out for those in need. You have 30 days to hit your fitness goals and spread the spirit of Ramadan throughout the community – you can do it!

Every penny you raise for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 goes towards our Emergency Response appeal, which protects our brothers and sisters from disaster. Penny Appeal’s emergency responders are always quick to react in times of crisis – and that’s thanks to your support.

The prophet (ﷺ) said, “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” [Tirmidhi], so this Ramadan we’re acting on it! Get active, have fun and stand in the way of calamity with us during the holiest of months!

Do your part this Ramadan by signing up to the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 today!


Your Challenge, your way with every penny supporting those in need!

Our Emergency Response appeal provides people around the world with essential aid in times of crisis. No matter the emergency, when disaster strikes, Penny Appeal are here to help.

Our Emergency Response teams are experts at quickly, efficiently and compassionately helping people survive through conflict, famine and natural disasters. With the help of people just like you, our Emergency Response teams have protected more than 1.7 million lives from danger in the last 11 years!

Our Emergency responders are currently helping vulnerable people in Palestine, Yemen, Syria and Lebanon, Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh and more.

- Syria, right now 80% of people in Syria are living in poverty, 9.3 million people suffer from food insecurity, 15.5 million people are going without clean water and 2.4 million children have no access to education.

- Lebanon, where a catastrophic explosion has destroyed large parts of Beirut, leaving 300,000 homeless. 

- Turkey, where Syrian and Uyghur refugees are battling to survive.

- Yemen, which is experiencing the worst famine the world has seen in this century.

- Palestine, including Gaza, where people are living amongst terrifying conflict.

- Pakistan, where heavy monsoon rains and flash flooding have swept through Sindh.

- Bangladesh, where Rohingyan refugees who have fled persecution need urgent support.

- Indonesia, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit the people of West Sulawesi, on January 15th 2021. Currently, 15,000 people are now displaced, 826 people have been injured and at least 80 people have lost their lives.

You can do your part to help the vulnerable who are dealing living in the midst of crisis by signing up for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0.