30 Inspiring Ideas to Get You Hyped for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 

Check out these 30 ideas to get a boost of inspiration for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0!  

This is your challenge, done your way – so choose an activity that brings a smile to your face and puts that pep in your step.  

Choose Your Challenge 

- Walk, run or cycle a distance of your choosing daily for the 30 days of Ramadan – Do it your way!  

- Climb the stairs 30 times on one day or every day of Ramadan 

- Walk 3km around your house - that’s 3,937 steps! . Extra points if you do it in fancy dress! 

- Set yourself a fundraising target of £3000, £300, £30 or even just £3 in Ramadan  

- 30 challenges over 30 days – Make a list of 30 different daily activities and get sponsored for it 

- Complete 30 laps around your garden 

- Fasted 500 – Cycle 500k in Ramadan. That’s roughly 17km a day for 30 days  

- Swing a kettlebell 30 times 

- Enter the dojo for 30 minutes at home, learning karate, taekwondo or tai chi  

- Skip for 30 minutes 

- Learn a 30-minute dance routine  

- Set yourself an activity or distance goal for the last 10 days of Ramadan 

- Make a daily HIT or circuit exercise routine of 30 minutes or do 30 exercises in your circuit  

- Organise a charity football match lasting 30 minutes or 3 hours 

-  Complete an obstacle course with 30 challenges  

- Go rollerblading around the block for 30 minutes 

- Hula Hoop for 3.0 minutes non stop 

-  Become a kickboxing champ in 30 days 

- Challenge yourself to go rock climbing for 3 hours  

-  Attempt 30,000 steps in a day  

- Get 30 friends together for an online workout for 30 minutes. 

- See how many squats, sit ups or star jumps you can do in 30 minutes 

- Learn how to hold a handstand for 3 minutes 

- Do 30 pull ups throughout Ramadan 

- Have an intense tennis match with a friend  

- Hold the plank for 30 seconds, 3 minutes or even 300 seconds! 

- Stretch with 30 minutes of yoga or pilates 

- Do 30 push ups every day or try to do 300 in 30 days 

- Try 30 sofa tricep dips 

- Work up to lifting 30lb weights this month