30 Inspiring Ideas to Get You Hyped for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0 

Check out these 30 ideas to get a boost of inspiration for the Ramadan Challenge 3.0!  

This is your challenge, done your way – so choose an activity that brings a smile to your face and puts that pep in your step.  

Choose Your Challenge 

1. Walk, run or cycle a distance of your choosing daily for the 30 days of Ramadan – Do it your way!  

2. Set a Ramadan goal to walk 300,000 steps in Ramadan - that's 10,000 steps a day!

3.  Walk 3km around your house - that’s 3,937 steps! . Extra points if you do it in fancy dress! 

4. Set yourself a fundraising target of £3000, £300, £30 or even just £3 in Ramadan  

5. Set yourself 30 challenges over 30 days – Make a list of 30 different daily activities and get sponsored for it 

6, Complete 30 laps around your garden 

7. Fasted 500 – Cycle 500k in Ramadan. That’s roughly 17km a day for 30 days  

8. Swing a kettlebell 30 times 

9.  Enter the dojo for 30 minutes at home, learning karate, taekwondo or tai chi  

10. Skip for 30 minutes 

11.  Learn a 30-minute dance routine  

12. Set yourself an activity or distance goal for the last 10 days of Ramadan 

13.  Make a daily HIT or circuit exercise routine of 30 minutes or do 30 exercises in your circuit  

14. Organise a charity football match lasting 30 minutes or 3 hours 

15.  Complete an obstacle course with 30 challenges  


16. Go rollerblading around the block for 30 minutes 

17. Hula Hoop for 3.0 minutes non stop 

18.  Become a kickboxing champ in 30 days 

19. Challenge yourself to go rock climbing for 3 hours  

20. Attempt 30,000 steps every weekend in Ramadan

21. Get 30 friends together for an online workout for 30 minutes. 

22. See how many squats, sit ups or star jumps you can do in 30 minutes 

23. Learn how to hold a handstand for 3 minutes 

24. Do 30 pull ups throughout Ramadan 

25. Have an intense tennis match with a friend  

25. Hold the plank for 30 seconds, 3 minutes or even 300 seconds! 

26. Stretch with 30 minutes of yoga or pilates 

27. Do 30 push ups every day or try to do 300 in 30 days 

28. Try 30 sofa tricep dips 

29. Work up to lifting 30lb weights this month 

30. Climb the stairs 30 times on one day or every day of Ramadan




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