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Water Scarcity Amidst Conflict: A Sobering Reality

The civil war in Somalia has resulted in the internal displacement of about 3 million people. This mass movement of people has led to the overuse of groundwater pumps and an increased strain on infrastructure. Consequently, those in search of water find themselves facing insurmountable challenges, struggling against the harsh realities of a conflict-ridden environment.

The Impact of Conflict on Water Systems

Overuse of Groundwater Pumps: The internal displacement has led to the overuse of groundwater pumps, depleting vital water resources.

Strain on Infrastructure: The increased strain on infrastructure exacerbates the difficulties faced by communities seeking access to clean and safe water.

Why Your Support Matters:

Immediate Relief: Your contribution brings immediate relief to those facing severe water shortages, offering a lifeline to families in need.

Long-Term Impact: Beyond immediate relief, your support contributes to the long-term sustainability of water solutions in Somalia.

Join Us in Rebuilding Lives: Support Thirst Relief in Somalia

Join us in our mission to combat the water crisis in Somalia. Your support can bring clean water, hope, and a brighter future to the people who need it most.

Together, we can make a lasting impact and ensure that no one in Somalia goes without the life-giving resource of water.

Build a well in Somalia

Donate £4,000 or £300 per month

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