Rohingya Child-Friendly Spaces 

The violence and terror experienced by Rohingyan refugees leave lasting trauma for the surviving women and children.

That’s why Penny Appeal is working with people on the ground from Bangladesh and Rohingya to provide safe spaces for both women and children.

For the children of Rohingya, Penny Appeal’s Child-Friendly Spaces in Cox’s Bazar refugee camp are a place to learn Burmese, Arabic and Maths in a positive school environment.

It’s a way of counteracting recent events, of providing dignity and humanity, and of restoring the normality and structure that is so important for young children.
 Young children learn to play again, with games, equipment and activities designed to aid early learning and development in a safe and nurturing classroom.

To contribute to restoring the lives of Rohingya refugee children, you can create a Child-Friendly Space for up to 80 children for just £50 a month, or £600 a year.