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Discover the secrets of Al-Aqsa during the nationwide tour of this awe-inspiring documentary!



The acclaimed Director who brought you One Day in The Haram, and the Oscar-nominated Executive Producer of The Look of Silence, bring you the never before told narrative of Al-Aqsa.

This breath-taking documentary shares the profound story of the Al-Aqsa compound in Jerusalem, during the Islamic calendar’s holiest night, Laylatul Qadr.

One Night in Al-Aqsa gives an insight into one of the holiest, yet most mysterious sites in all of Islam. Al-Aqsa is a place of miracles, an incredible site that has aided in defining Islam as the religion it is today.

Revered as the third holiest site in Islam, this noble sanctuary was the first Qibla and the site in which Prophet Muhammad (saw) was transported to on the miraculous night journey from Makkah.

Abrar Hussain’s fascinating documentary allows us a look into the spiritual history of this holy site, as well as leading audiences through the present-day activities of this Islamic sanctuary.

Uncover the mystery, discover Al-Aqsa

Lift the veil of mystery and join thousands on this cinematic journey through Al-Aqsa, experiencing its power through the eyes of the people who live and work in this holy place.

For the very first time on the big screen, see the Dome of the Rock and the Qibli Mosque in this unique documentary by Abrar Hussain.

His 2017 documentary, One Day in The Haram, swept the nation in a sold-out tour, giving people a window into the inner workings of the Haram.

One Day in The Haram gained international success soon after its premiere and was acclaimed by critics worldwide.  

You were able to see the modern workings of the Haram, and now Abrar Hussain brings you a compelling look at Al-Aqsa and the people who run it.


 Coming to a city near you.

All the proceeds from this brilliant cinematic tour go towards our Love Palestine campaign. Come out for a night at the cinema and experience One Night in Al-Aqsa, while helping save lives!

Tour Dates

Venue / Date
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022

North London

Cineworld Cinema Wembley, Designer Outlet, London, Wembley Park Blvd, Wembley


Friday 18 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Cineworld Cinema West India Quay, 5 Hertsmere Rd, London

E14 4AL

Saturday 19 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Vue Croydon Grants, 14 High Street, South London


Sunday 20 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Cineworld Birmingham Broad Street, 181 Broad St,

B15 1DA

Tuesday 22 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Cineworld Hinckley, Station Road

LE10 1AW

Wednesday 23 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Cineworld Cinema Manchester, Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre, Wilmslow Rd,

M20 5PG

Saturday 26 February 07:00 PM
One Night in Al-Aqsa 2022


Cineworld Cinema Bradford, Bradford Leisure Exchange, Vicar Lane


Sunday 27 February 07:00 PM