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Supporting Women in Sri Lanka

Empower women with Penny Appeal

Since 2009, Penny Appeal has been building programmes to achieve women’s equality and women’s empowerment all over the world. 

Our work has shown us first-hand how supporting women’s empowerment and fighting for the rights of women and girls can change lives - for them, for their families and even for their countries as a whole.

Our Women’s Welfare programmes have aided in breaking the poverty cycle for many women across the globe, and have played an important part in putting an end to discrimination, eliminating harmful practices and promoting women’s equality.

We have a commitment to keep striving towards women’s empowerment, both internationally and here in the UK as well. Women around the world face a daily struggle for equality, with hurdles such as poverty, disaster and displacement, lack of education and gender based violence.

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Our horticultural gardens project is transforming the lives of women in Africa! Have a look at our video below to see the changes these gardens are making for women and their families.

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Educating Poor Muslim Women

Girls in our Education First programme at Lahiya School, Pakistan

WOW supports women around the world by promoting women’s empowerment and women’s equality.

Our appeal is providing Dignity Kits and Women Friendly spaces at refugee camps in Bangladesh and Indonesia, supporting and empowering mothers in Palestine, implementing training and income generating projects for women in The Gambia, Kenya and Pakistan, offering domestic and sexual abuse counselling services to women here in the UK, as well as many other projects for women’s aid across the globe.

 Find out more about our work and how it's changed women's lives for the better!

Your donation will be used to support women and girls around the world, using our ‘where most needed’ model, in which we target areas that need help the most. 

10 Years of Women’s Welfare

In the last 10 Amazing Years of Penny Appeal, you’ve helped us bring women’s equality and women’s empowerment to women in developing countries and right here at home in the UK. Your donations have helped us champion women’s welfare across the globe.

Thank you for all your life-altering donations over the years – let’s help even more women and girls to thrive in the next 10 years!

African Woman Celebrating a Penny Appeal even in her Village