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This winter, much of the UK will be gripped by consumerism, whilst the less fortunate will be crippled by severe poverty on the frozen UK streets. Join Penny Appeal's Team Orange and volunteer this winter, to help feed the homeless and bring comfort to the elderly in the UK.

Homeless and on the Street


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Homeless and Pregnant  #WhatWouldJesusDo

Help those in need this winter.

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What Would Jesus (as) Do?


It might seem strange to some that a British Muslim charity is asking people ‘What would Jesus (as) do?' about the plight of the homeless in the UK, that is until they find out that Muslims believe in Jesus too!

Jesus (as) was a prophet, who like Muhammad (saw) showed compassion and kindness to those in need. We are asking you to volunteer with us, as we follow the traditions of the Prophets and go out this winter to help the homeless and also bring comfort to the elderly in the UK. So Penny Appeal is encouraging everyone; Muslims, Christians, all faiths and none, anyone who cares, to come together and follow Jesus’s teachings and those of all the prophets by spending some time helping the homeless, the elderly and those in need this winter.