The floods destroyed her life. You helped her rebuild it

In the aftermath of the devastating floods that hit Pakistan a few months ago, Nasreen’s life was in ruins. The floods hit her like tidal wave, wiping out her home and destroying her livelihood. She feared for her children’s future.

It was then that Penny Appeal donors stepped in and helped Nasreen to rebuild her life.

Brick by brick, hope was restored. Nasreen and her children once again have a home they can call their own.

Thanks to generous donations from around the world, Nasreen can now shelter her children and give them a secure future. In turn, she prays for the same kindness to befall other less fortunate people in her community.

Your support has changed Nasreen’s life forever – thank you! With your donations, together we have achieved something truly remarkable – the rebuilding of a family's future.

Help us continue to change the lives of people like Nasreen – donate today and make a BIG difference, insha’Allah.

We can rebuild Pakistan, one brick at a time. Let’s build something beautiful.