1. How much does it cost?

£29.99 but you can save £10 with our Eid Offer and buy for £19.99 

2.What does the bear do?

The Prayer Bear is a first of its kind. It is bendable, so you can bend it into all the prayer positions. There is also audio, so when you squeeze his ears you will hear the adhaan, Surah Al Fatiha, greetings and more.

3. What does the bear come with?

The Prayer Bear comes with a prayer mat, a mini prayer guide and a downloadable app with a prayer compass.

4. Are there any other types of bears?

No, but we are looking at extending ourange in the future.

5. Why is he called Penny?

Penny is a name that represents our organisation and values. It is who we are. Penny Appeal.

6. Why have you created a bear?

We have created an educational prayer bear – to help children learn to pray and any money we raise will go to support orphaned children at our orphanages. This bear is part of our 10 year anniversary. He represents that you can be Confidently Muslim and Comfortably British.

7. Who are Desi Dolls?

Desi Dolls are a company that are the market leaders in producing Islamic Toys. They’ve given us their expertise and support to help make this a reality. You can visit Desidollcompany.com to find out more.  

8. Is it safe?

Yes the bear has gone through all the European safety standards and is completely safe for children aged 3 and up.

9. Does the bear come in different languages?

Unfortunately not. This is our first bear. But we are definitely considering doing different languages in the future.

10. Is it haram?

No, there are many scholars that say it is permissible to have toys that help educate children. The children of the sahabah had dolls and toys they played with.

There is also hadith from Bukhari and Muslim:

On the authority of Aisha (ra), that she said:

“The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) saw amongst them (dolls) a horse with two wings from scraps of cloth. He (pbuh) said: What is this which I see amongst them (dolls)? She said: A horse. He asked: What is upon it? She said: Two wings. He (pbuh) asked (in astonishment): A horse with two wings? She said: Didn't you hear that Sulaiman (Solomon - AS) had horses with wings? She said: Then he (pbuh) laughed until I saw his molar teeth. (Sunan Abu Dawud, Nasai)

`Aishah said: “I used to play with dolls in front of the Prophet (pbuh) with my friends …” (Bukharî; Muslim) as these are a means for education and constructive play and are free from the danger of being venerated.

11. Who’s paying for it?

We raised money through various sources such as crowdfunding to help reduce the cost of the bear. Whoever buys a bear will be covering the cost of production and the rest going towards our OrphanKind and where most needed programmes. We want every penny we raise to help our orphans. Our dream is that it benefits children who buy the bear and orphaned children too.

12. Is money actually going towards helping orphans?

All our profits go towards our where most needed and OrphanKind programmes.

13. Do I get a discount if I buy more?

Unfortunately not. We decided not to offer discounts on the bears as 100% of the profit from Penny the Prayer Bear goes towards our where most needed and OrphanKind programmes.

14. Can I buy a bear for someone else?

Yes you can. We think this is the perfect Eid gift for young Muslim Children.

15. Which Mathab does the Bear follow?

All the actions for Salah have been simplified. We have also qualified this with a scholar, so it has been approved. The actions will cover the basic principles of salah as it is for children. If you had to pick a mathab it is closest to, then I would say Hanafi.

But also because it is a bendable bear – you can educate your child in the manner you wish, and bend the bear accordingly. So you don’t need to use or follow the book directly if you didn’t want to.

We wanted this bear to appeal to as many children as possible and help educate them in salah.   

16. How many Bears do you have?

Our bears are limited and are selling fast for Eid. Once we’ve sold out it will be a while before we can get more in.

17. How heavy are the teddy bears?

400 grams

18. How big are the teddy bears?

40cm tall

19. Do they come in any other colours?

No, unfortunately not.

20. What does the bear come with?

The Prayer Bear comes with a prayer mat, a mini prayer guide and a downloadable app with a prayer compass.

21. If I order now will I get them before Eid.

The delivery is currently 7 to 10 days

22. If my bear is faulty, can I return it?

If there is a manufacturing fault with the Prayer Bear, you will be able to return it to us, as long as we have confirmation of purchase and it is within 14 days of purchase, according to UK law. We can exchange it for another Prayer Bear, or offer a refund on the product.

23. My Bear doesn’t make any sound. 

In the back of the bears head you will find a velcro seal. Open it and pull out the sound box. You will see a small plastic tab in the sound box – pull it out and it should start working. This protects the batteries so you get the most out of your prayer bear.

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