Meet Penny the Prayer Bear


Penny Praying

The perfect gift for your child!

Penny the Prayer Bear teaches children how to pray through playing and having fun!

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Learn How To Pray with Penny the Bear

Penny is an Islamic teddy bear which can do all of the different prayer positions of Salah, so your little ones can learn and pray along with their favourite toy!

If you squeeze Penny’s left ear, you will hear the Adhaan (Call to Prayer), and if you squeeze Penny’s right ear, you’ll hear a fun mixture of greetings and different prayers – from Salaam to Surah Ikhlas.

With every purchase, you will receive a prayer mat, a mini prayer guide and you’ll have access to our FREE interactive app, featuring Salah times, a compass to Makkah and much more. Plus, every purchase helps us give an orphan a better life.



Buy your very own Penny the Prayer Bear today for just £19.99 – it’s the ideal gift for the budding little Hafiz in your life!

Share Smiles and Save Lives


At Penny Appeal, we work around the world to help transform the lives of those in need, and it all starts with something as simple as a smile.

To celebrate 10 Amazing Years of spreading smiles with Penny Appeal, we’ve teamed up with Desi Dolls to share some joy through learning and fun - that's why we made Penny the Bear!

All the profits from the sales of Penny the Prayer Bear will spread smiles by helping orphans to have a better life with our amazing OrphanKind programmes!

With every purchase, you are helping bring smiles to orphans by providing all the love and opportunities they need to build a brighter future, as well as gifting underprivileged children and orphans around the world with their very own Prayer Bear too!

We can only do this with your support. So, buy your own Penny the Prayer Bear today for only £19.99 and help spread smiles around the world!

Learn how to pray with penny the bear

The Ideal Gift

If you’re a parent, you’ll know how hard it can be to encourage your kids to pray.

We wanted to develop an Islamic teddy bear as a Muslim toy, so that we can teach children the joy of prayer. Playing is one of the greatest ways to learn, so we knew that creating an Islamic toy would be a great way to get kids excited about praying.

As an Islamic toy, Penny the Prayer Bear has many features – from the Adhaan (call to prayer) you hear when you squeeze his left ear, to the free app which helps teach kids how to pray. Penny the Bear is a Muslim toy like no other; a truly joyful Islamic teddy bear which spreads smiles through prayer.

Penny the Prayer Bear will teach the budding little Hafiz in your life the power and joy of praying together with their favourite Muslim toy.