Celebrating Success in Pakistan

For 10 amazing years, Penny Appeal has been working across Pakistan, developing life-changing projects thanks to the ongoing, generous support of people like YOU… our amazing donors!

We have been able to change hundreds of thousands of lives for the better in Pakistan with life-saving winter distributions, sustainable rooftop gardens and so much more with your help, Alhamdulillah!

Scroll down to see how your Pakistan donations are making a BIG difference to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan.

Being OrphanKind in Pakistan

Every orphaned child, is still a child.

Through our OrphanKind appeal, we provide safe, warm, loving homes where children can enjoy their childhood and build brighter futures. Our Orphan Homes provide children with everything we’d want for our own loved children - a safe space to live, good food, new clothes, access to top quality healthcare, a great education, a bright and open space for play and a loving foster mother.

Penny Appeal’s founder and chairman, Adeem Younis recently visited one of our Orphan Homes – Mera Apna Ghar, literally meaning my own home.

Your Pakistan charity could change an child’s life forever.


Give Orphans the Gift of the Qur'an


We’re also giving the gift of faith to orphans in Pakistan.

With each precious Pakistan donation to our Hifz Orphan Sponsorship programme, we can support more orphans to become Hafiz of Hafiza of the Holy Qur’an.

Our programme is designed to provide the perfect conditions for memorising Allah’s holy book, whilst also caring for the child in all aspects of their lives, from providing nutritious meals to a loving foster mother.

Hifz classes are small and led by experienced teachers using modern techniques with a child centric approach that focuses on the individual child’s progress and unique rate of learning, because every child is different and every child matters.

You could give to Penny Appeal’s Pakistan charity, by sponsoring a Hifz Orphan in Pakistan


Building Wells Around Pakistan

With our Thirst Relief Programmes, we have been able to provide fresh, clean and safe water to almost 200,000 people across Pakistan.

We have worked across all regions in Pakistan, reaching some very remote areas. Providing clean water through wells mean people, mainly women and children, no longer have to walk dangerous routes for miles each day just to collect water for the family.

Thanks to these wells, not only do people have access to clean water, but children are able to go to school and have a happy and fulfilled childhood!

Give a Pakistan donation today; build a well in your name or that of a loved one!


Feeding Pakistan


60% of people in Pakistan are food insecure; that means they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Pakistan charity is desperately needed to help feed the hungry. Through our Feed Our World programme, Penny Appeal’s food distributions have provided meals and food hampers for over 20,000 people!

We have also developed long-term food insecurity solutions for thousands of people. This includes providing families with goats, agricultural support and chickens for rearing, to allow them to create their own food as well as develop a household income. We’re also training mothers in Pakistan through our Fragile Lives appeal, so that they can learn a skill like farming or bee-keeping, and provide for their families.

These long-term solutions are a sustainable form of Pakistan charity, helping families become independent and feel comfortable knowing exactly where their next meal is coming from.


The Mosque Project in Pakistan


A mosque is at the heart of any Muslim community.

In many rural areas of Pakistan, villagers are forced to painstakingly walk several kilometres every day to the nearest place of worship. This means that the elderly and disabled people often miss out on their prayers.

With the ongoing support of our generous donors, we have installed 3 new mosques that now serve as the centre of three bustling communities.

Over 500 people are benefiting from these mosques, Alhamdulillah!

Your Pakistan donation could contribute to building a beautiful mosque.


Penny Appeal's Projects in Pakistan