Sponsor a Child in Kashmir

Sponsor a child for just 50p a day and help build a brighter future for children in Kashmir!

The Prophet (saw) was reported to have said:
“The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together to illustrate.

Build an Orphan Home in Kashmir

Sponsor an orphan in Kashmir


Torn between two countries, the people of Kashmir live in a constant state of flux. 
According to Save the Children, there are approximately 215,000 orphans in Kashmir and Jammu, many of whom have been orphaned by the ongoing conflict in the region. They have been traumatised by the loss of their parents; alone and vulnerable, in a notoriously unstable part of the world. 
At Penny Appeal, we believe that every child deserves a happy, healthy childhood and the opportunity to build a brighter future. Sponsor a child in Kashmir and help make that vision a reality.
Your sponsorship helps provide nutritious meals, clothes, healthcare, an education and a dedicated guardian for an orphan or vulnerable child in Kashmir – all in a loving and caring home.
For just 50p a day, you can sponsor an orphan in Kashmir, and give a vulnerable child the chance to break out of poverty and build a better future for themselves. 

Be OrphanKind for just 50p a day

50p a day can provide...




OrphanKind Welcome Pack


When you sponsor a child in Kashmir, you'll receive a welcome pack so you can get to know your sponsored child a little better. Every year we'll send you two feedback reports so you can see exactly how your support is transforming a child’s life for the better. 
It's a beautiful gift to care for a child, so please sponsor an orphan in Kashmir today!

Build an Orphan Home in Kashmir


We don’t like to use the word orphanage. Orphanages conjure up Victorian workhouses serving gruel for dinner… our orphan homes are nothing like that.

They are real homes, with dedicated foster mothers, nutritious meals, new clothes, healthcare and access to the best education in the area. Help us build a new orphan home in Kashmir and you'll provide a safe, loving home for countless vulnerable children for years to come.

Be OrphanKind

Orphans deserve all the same love, care and opportunities as our own children.

Do something amazing; be OrphanKind and sponsor a child in Kashmir today.

*Donating to OrphanKind will help us support countless of vulnerable orphans across the world and provide them a brighter future. Your generous donation will be used to sponsor orphans in one of the thirty countries we are working in, including Kashmir.

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