Why should I sponsor a child?

You can make a massive difference to an orphan’s life with a 50p-a-day sponsorship through OrphanKind. Your regular donation is incredibly valuable in helping to transform a life and give a child hope for the future. Your support helps not only your sponsored child but also the other children on the programme, whether that is in an orphanage, a school or a community, it creates positive changes for the child and the whole community. Our sponsorship scheme also benefits many other people, such as foster mothers, who are often widows, and everyone else involved in the care and education of the orphans, by giving them security through employment and job satisfaction.

Can I choose which child to sponsor?

You can select in which country you would like to sponsor a child (Gaza/Palestine, Pakistan, Sudan, Bangladesh, Kashmir, India, The Gambia or a Syrian refugee child) and whether you would like to sponsor a boy or a girl. If you set up a sponsorship online, simply select the country from the options and write in the comments box if you have a preference for sponsoring a boy or girl. If you set up your sponsorship by post or phone, simply tell us if you have a country and boy or girl preference. We will do our best to meet your requests. If you do not specify, we will select an orphan where we feel the sponsorship is most needed.

How does my sponsored child benefit?

Your child will benefit in so many ways, but these may be different according to their specific needs and their project. If your child’s project is a school, then your sponsorship will pay for school fees, uniform, school books and stationery, as well as a school meal each day. If your child’s project is an orphanage, then your sponsorship helps to provide your sponsored child with a loving home with a caring foster mother. They will also receive an education, uniform, nutritious meals and healthcare.

Our project-based sponsorship scheme ensures that all of the needs of our orphans are met by bringing together the support of several sponsors. This means that the donor community can share the collective reward of giving orphans quality care. We aim to give all needy orphans every opportunity afforded to more fortunate children within their society. Quality education is an integral part of all of our orphan sponsorships - ensuring your sponsored child has the chance to learn ultimately helps to build a future free from poverty.

In our orphanages, as well as a dedicated foster mother, we also employ tutors, security staff, healthcare professionals and other personnel to ensure our orphans are cared for in every way, feel happy and secure, and get the encouragement and inspiration they need. Furthermore, there are regular trips and outings and monthly visits from respected members of society, such as doctors, teachers and business owners, who talk with the children about the opportunities available to them and how they can build brighter futures for themselves and their community.

We do this, as one of the things we want to achieve by caring for orphans, is to create future leaders and strong independent adults.

What information and updates will I receive?

You will receive a welcome pack, which includes a profile of your sponsored child and information about their project, as well as a drawing or personal message from your child (depending on their age and writing ability) and information about the country in which they live. Twice a year we will send you an update on your sponsored child’s educational and personal progress. This will include a recent photograph and a brief message or drawing from your child.

Can I visit my sponsored child?

Of course! Unfortunately, due to the cost, we cannot cover the travel and accommodation for your trip, but if you let us know when you will be in the area, we can arrange for you to visit your sponsored child at their school or orphanage. All visitors must be accompanied by a member of the Penny Appeal team.

Can I write to my sponsored orphan or send a gift?

It is possible to write a letter to your sponsored orphan, although it’s not always the best thing to do. Your orphan will be part of a class/orphan home and if one child is showered with letters, it can be quite unsettling for the other children. Writing an open letter to the class/orphan home, which can be read out to everyone, is preferable as it ensures that all the children feel included. The correspondence address for your orphan’s school or orphan home is given on the orphan information sheet. If you would like to send an Eid gift to your orphan or send something to all of the children in the school or orphanage at any time of the year, please call us on 03000 11 11 11.

For how long do I have to commit to sponsorship?

There is no minimum period - you can sponsor for as long as you are able – but think how rewarding it will be to support your child through many years of continuing care and education. With an ongoing sponsorship, there is a high chance that you will be able to build a relationship with your sponsored child.

Help! I haven’t received my orphan pack.

If you haven’t received your welcome pack within four weeks of signing up to sponsor an orphan, please call us on 03000 11 11 11, or email us at info@pennyappeal.org. Sometimes things can go missing in the post, so we will re-send it as quickly as possible.

Can I still help if I can’t afford £15 a month?

Of course! You can set up a regular and affordable monthly payment which will support all of OrphanKind’s work.

I can no longer afford the monthly payment. What can I do?

Please get in touch with us before cancelling your monthly payment, as we could reduce the amount so that you can still help us provide life-saving aid. It also helps if you tell us first so that we can update our records.

Where does Penny Appeal build orphanages?

We build orphanages in Africa and Asia.

What does “buying a brick” mean?

Buying a brick is much more than simply providing a physical piece of an orphanage. It means contributing to the building blocks of a happy childhood and a brighter future. Your £100 donation per brick helps to fund the initial development costs of the orphanage build. This includes buying the land and materials and paying the applicable taxes and wages for the construction workers. It also contributes towards the ongoing costs such as utilities supplies, staff wages and maintenance.

Can I build a complete orphanage?

Absolutely! You could get together with friends, family and work colleagues to raise enough money to build an entire orphanage. Or maybe you could do it with your brothers and sisters at the mosque or through a corporate social responsibility scheme at work. When you build an orphanage, we’ll then dedicate it in your name, the name of a loved one, or however you choose. It could be easier than you think to raise the money – why not join #TeamOrange, the Penny Appeal fundraising family. You can take part in big challenges and host your own events and activities to raise money and we have a dedicated team to support you with all of your fundraising activities. Sign up now or call 03000 11 11 11.

What facilities and staff do orphanages have?

Orphanages can vary in size and facilities according to the area and requirements. Usually, the home will have several bedrooms for the orphans, plus the foster mother’s bedroom, and all of the other areas you would expect – bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, study living area, outside play space. We build our orphanages to high standards and equip and furnish them with all of the things needed for happy, healthy childhoods. We also ensure that there is a back-up power facility, as electricity supplies can be unreliable. Orphanages are run by a team of dedicated staff, including loving foster mothers, security and admin teams, with input and visits from teachers and health professionals.

Who runs the orphanage and looks after the children?

Dedicated foster mothers live at the orphanage to provide day-to-day love and care for the children. The local Penny Appeal office oversees the running of the orphanage, ensuring that any maintenance issues are addressed, liaising with school teachers to monitor the children’s progress, and seeing to the many aspects that make up a happy home.

Why should I Gift Aid my sponsorship or donation?

We regret that Gift Aid cannot be reclaimed if you are paying donations that you collected
from others, even if everyone was a UK taxpayer.

Is my payment secure?

We only use secure systems with banking standard safety features to make sure that your payment and financial data cannot be compromised. All online payments are securely processed via KeyIVR Ltd, PayPal or SmartDebit, and no financial data is retained on our servers.

Can I make a regular payment?

Yes, small payments made regularly can make a big difference – this is the Penny Appeal way. You can set up an affordable monthly Direct Debit or standing order and help us build orphanages for just pennies per day. Automatic, monthly payments are the most efficient way to support Penny Appeal as they reduce the cost of administration. Regular commitments allow us to plan ahead and ensure that we have a reliable source of income to provide aid.