Build an Orphan Home

Mera Apna Ghar (My Own Home), our first orphanage, opened in Sohawa 2012.

Since then we have opened five further homes in Pakistan and The Gambia and are building more.

Help to build a new orphan home and you'll provide a safe, loving home for countless orphans for years to come.

Together with your support, we can help vulnerable orphans in Asia and Africa get the care and support they both need and deserve – our Penny Appeal orphan homes offer the ideal environment to inspire, encourage and nurture these young children so they can get the start in life needed to gain a path out of poverty and towards a brighter future.

You can help to give them everything they need for a happy, healthy childhood – nutritious meals each day, clothing, education, healthcare and a loving guardian – all in a safe, family environment, so they can experience the love and care that every child should.

Our teams on the ground overseas have identified numerous sites to build these fully-equipped orphan homes and are looking to transform your donation into a reality.

Please donate now to help provide these vulnerable children with a childhood. 

For just £100 per brick you can support us in building new orphan homes in Kashmir and Pakistan.

The Orphan Homes Complex includes everything I child might need


The Orphan Complex's Mosque


School Facilities for boys and girls