This Muharram Build a well in Nepal


Build a well in the name of the Prophet's (saw) Family for £25 per month or £300 one-off

Nepal Needs Water

A Water Well In Nepal

This Muharram, join our mission at Penny Appeal to provide life-saving, clean water to thousands of people in Nepal.

As we embark on a new Islamic Year, we reflect on the selfless sacrifices so many made before us. It was during this month of Muharram that Imam Hussain (as) witnessed the loss of his young child, of just six months, who died in his arms as he was denied access to water, whilst many more of his loved ones were held captive and killed.

In memory of those who were martyred without access to water, we want to help restore the basic fundamental human right of water, to as many people across Nepal as we can by building wells. 1 in 10 people in Nepal lack access to clean drinking water. Together we can fight that figure, and provide water. It literally saves lives.

You can help save lives by building a well.

Your Feedback Report


When your well has been built and functional, we’ll send you an individual feedback report so you can see it in action and find out about the people whose lives you've changed.

Your  feedback report contains:

  • Information on where the well is exactly located
  • Information about the community who have benefited
  • A message from the grateful community
  • Pictures of the construction and the finished well in use
  • A framed picture to share with friends and family

This Muharram Build a well in Nepal

Build a well in the name of the Prophet's (saw) Family for £25 per month or £300 one-off

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