Gaza Appeal

Gaza is once again facing extreme violence, as airstrikes and rocket fire hit early this November.

The attacks have destroyed homes, schools and other vital infrastructures throughout Gaza city.

Medical officials have reported approximately 35 people have lost their lives to these tragic attacks, including 5 children, and more than 100 innocent people have been injured as a result. This is one of the worst escalations of violence that Gaza has seen in years.

Support your brothers and sisters in Gaza; they need you now more than ever.


Penny Appeal’s Emergency Responders are working with our partners on the ground to provide medical supplies, such as essential medications and medical equipment, to hospitals in Gaza City.

 We’re also providing emergency shelter to the families who have lost their homes in these attacks. 

You can help ease Palestinian suffering; donate now to help save lives in Gaza.

Gaza Needs Your Help.

Families fleeing from Gaza.

The ongoing struggle for survival has become a continuous nightmare.

  • Over 100,000 people have been left homeless from the ongoing conflict that's overtaken their lives. 
  • Food and medicine supplies are blocked from entering due to strict militant border control and daily invasions are common.
  • Scores of schools have been wiped out. 
  • Over 1,500 innocent children have been orphaned. 
  • Life-saving hospitals, primary health facilities and untold amounts of valuable ambulance have been destroyed, leaving people without necessary medical aid. 

Penny Appeal is helping people and hospitals in Gaza

Penny Appeal teams are on the ground providing the life-saving aid that's desperately needed for survival

With your support, we can help to rebuild Gaza and countless shattered lives

Due to the complex nature of disasters, our provisions may be changed so that we can adapt to people’s most urgent needs. For example, if water infrastructure is affected by future attacks, we may need to use some of our funds to provide life-saving water.

You can rest assured that your donations will go towards helping vulnerable Palestinians in the best, most efficient, ways possible. Thank you!