Coronavirus Emergency

Crisis upon crisis; year after year.

Millions of people are already living in crisis; refugees, people in extreme poverty, those hit by crippling disasters. Now, the Coronavirus threatens to decimate already devastated communities.

Donate to our Coronavirus Global Emergency appeal today; your donation could help save lives.


Help Prevent a Catastrophe

Overcrowded populations and grossly inadequate `health infrastructures makes the threat of COVID-19 tearing through refugee camps and poverty-stricken areas potentially catastrophic to these already vulnerable people.

Donate now, and protect people at extreme risk of the coronavirus.


Our Emergency Response

We’re working with incredible partners on the ground in Syria, Gaza, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda and Mozambique who are risking their lives to bring essential aid to people living in devastating conditions. 

  • Food Packs
  • Hygiene kits
  • Coronavirus Testing Kits
  • Quarantine Areas
  • Public awarness camapigns

Please give generously – your coronavirus charity will have a huge impact in helping prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

A message from our CEO

A Global pandemic, deserves a Global response

Read more about our unique, life-saving emergency responses in each country by clicking the tabs below.


As the number of coronavirus deaths in the UK continues to rise, Penny Appeal has partnered with Age UK to provide support to vulnerable people in our community. Find out more about our UK response.


With over a million refugees living in highly populated camps, the spread of the coronavirus could have a devastating impact. Read more


We’re working with our incredible partner ACRE, who has experience responding to the Ebola outbreak, to provide essentials. Find out more


As the coronavirus spreads across the Middle East, there is growing concern that Syria is likely to face a major outbreak. Find out more


The number of confirmed cases of covid-19 has surged in pakistan, without aid millions of lives will be at risk. Find out how you can help


Mozambique was devastated by Cyclone Idai just one year ago, and now coronavirus threatens to take more lives. Find out more


Overcrowding is a major issue in Gaza and most people who fall ill simply would not have the space to self-quarantine. Find out more