Coronavirus Emergency

Send Aid to Asia Now 

Donate now to provide people struggling in India with oxygen machines, hospital beds and other vital medical supplies.  

There is a medical crisis happening in India right now. Hospitals don’t have enough beds for all the patients coming in, and there is not enough oxygen to go around. Without proper medical supplies and life-saving oxygen cylinders, people will continue to die.  

Cases are on the rise in Afghanistan, Nepal and Pakistan, your help is needed right now!


Help Prevent a Catastrophe in India

Another wave and new strain of Covid-19 in India threatens millions of lives. Overcrowded hospitals and inadequate health care infrastructure has lead to patients being turned away from care and an unsettling shortage of oxygen and much-needed medical supplies. The new strain of coronavirus tearing through India and its poverty-stricken areas is potentially catastrophic to these already vulnerable people.

Donate now, and protect people at extreme risk of the coronavirus.



Our Emergency Response

Thanks to YOU, we've safely reached over 1.28 MILLION people with essential aid in this pandemic - Alhamdulillah!

Our Global Coronavirus Emergency response includes: 

  • Food Packs
  • Hygiene Kits
  • Coronavirus Testing Kits
  • PPE and medical supplies 
  • Quarantine areas
  • Cash support
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Handwashing facilities 
  • Agricultural support 

But with recent surges in Covid-19, millions more people need our help. 

Please give generously – your coronavirus charity will have a huge impact in helping prevent the spread of this deadly virus.

A Message from Our CEO

A Global Pandemic, Deserves a Global Response

Read more about our unique, life-saving emergency responses in each country by clicking the tabs below.





We always do our best to meet your requests!

Penny Appeal will endeavour to use your gift as requested, wherever possible. If for any reason we cannot use your donation as you have indicated, we will use it to fund similar projects in other countries or other projects in the relevant country. Penny Appeal’s strategic overview and on the ground experience means it is in the best position to decide how to meet need as it arises.

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