Water Tank

£600.00   QUANTITY:    

Give a Water Tank, and help farmers in Uganda to thrive!


Give a Water Tank, and help farmers in Uganda to thrive!

Around 70% of income in Uganda is generated by agricultural farming, but drought constantly threatens poor farmers’ livelihoods and their abilities to grow food for their families and communities.

When you donate a Water Tank, you provide clean water for rural Ugandan communities to drink and water their crops – helping prevent the spread of disease and allowing farmers to grow food all year round.

The Water Tank is made of concrete, holds 5,000 litres of water, and is raised off the ground to avoid contamination. Local communities are equipped with the knowledge of how to maintain their Water Tank, and it gives them the security of clean, fresh water and regular crops to feed their families.

We have seen entire communities thrive thanks to this incredible Charity Gift – you can help us reach even more people by donating a Water Tank today!

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