The Virtual Tour De Hajj

Team Orange are trying to virtually make it to Makkah, are you coming?

It’s a 4,000-mile virtual journey, but together we can do it!

Sign up today to pledge any distance of your choosing and help us make it to Makkah on the Virtual Tour De Hajj.

Registration Fee: Free    Min sponsorship: £50


Let’s make it to Makkah!

This year, the coronavirus has sadly stopped millions of Muslims in our global ummah from embarking on Hajj, but Team Orange is still trying to make it to Makkah by July 31st on the Day of Eid  – virtually that is!

The Virtual Tour De Hajj is a challenge that gives you the power to walk, jog, run or cycle the miles to Makkah, while staying safe in your home town during this global pandemic.

It’s a 4,000-mile journey from London to Makkah, but don’t worry, we’re not asking you to do it alone! When you sign up for this challenge, you’ll be asked to pledge your distance, which will contribute to the overall distance of our Virtual Tour De Hajj. If you’re feeling ambitious and really want to make it to Makkah, you can also take on the entire Virtual Tour De Hajj by yourself!

Team Orange is all about teamwork, so the goal here is to collectively make it to Makkah - but we also love to recognise outstanding work, so there will be a FREE Umrah trip prize draw for our top fundraisers!

We’re in this together, and while we can’t actually go to Makkah this year, we can make up the distance for Emergency Response. Every mile you go, you’ll be raising funds for our Emergency Response appeal to help our brothers and sisters that have been hit with disaster.

Let’s make it to Makkah, sign up for the Virtual Tour De Hajj today!


Track your virtual journey to Makkah with us

You’ve pledged your distance for the Virtual Tour De Hajj, now it’s time to log your progress!

Each time you complete a workout or wrack up those miles by walking, jogging, running or cycling make sure to complete the progress form below, so we can keep track of your distance.

As you update your progress, we can update our team total so everyone can see how much distance we’ve all covered together to make it to Makkah!


If you’re taking on the whole Virtual Tour De Hajj on your own, you don’t need to submit this form, simply keep track of your own journey through Strava or your favourite fitness app.

A virtual challenge that really saves lives

Penny Appeal always strives to respond to global disasters and emergencies as they happen, but more importantly, we are always working to grow our capacity. This means delivering aid quicker, better and towards a more sustainable impact, benefitting more people than ever before.

The funds you raise for Emergency Response are absolutely critical in our ability to act fast during a crisis.

War, famine, disease, poverty & climate change have immobilised communities in Syria, Yemen, Gaza, Indonesia, Bangladesh and East Africa, and Penny Appeal need your support to be able to deploy life-saving medical aid, food, clothing, sanitation and shelter to those who've been left incredibly vulnerable.

You can do your part to help those in need of emergency aid by signing up for the Virtual Tour De Hajj. Make the virtual trip to Makkah with us today!

Get your fundraising off to an amazing start by setting up your own JustGiving page to take online donations, which will be sent straight to Penny Appeal. You can also make the most of your fundraising and training efforts by sharing your story on social media. Don't forget to tag @teamorangepa for shares!


For more information or queries contact our Challenges Team on: or call 07739 363894.