Syria Emergency

Recently, the conflict in Syria has escalated in the Idlib province to the point of extreme violence, leaving 358,000 people to flee in fear for their lives. 

Since the end of April, at least 1,506 innocent Syrians have been killed due to the terror here.

The crisis in Syria has already displaced more than 6.5 million refugees. Now hundreds of thousands more are forced to flee from danger in Idlib.

Donate today to help Syrian refugees survive this devastation.

The situation in North Eastern Syria

Since 2011, the conflict in North Eastern Syria has only escalated, putting over 100,000 people in severe danger.

Hospitals and other important infrastructures have been damaged or put on lockdown. Vital services, such as water and electricity, have been cut off and the whole community is in desperate need of humanitarian aid.

North Eastern Syria is already fragile, with an estimated 13.5 million people need humanitarian aid. Military attacks have wreaked violence and havoc throughout the area, and the situation is increasingly worsening for these innocent people.

An estimated 450,000 people live within 5km of the Syria-Turkey border; these people will be hit the hardest. Tragically, around 20% of the people who live here are internally displaced Syrian people – they have been forced to flee their homes once before, and now they must flee war once again.

170,000 children could need humanitarian assistance as a result of the violence, according to UNICEF. At least 70,000 children have already been forced to flee the conflict.

Penny Appeal is currently on the ground in Raqqa and Hasaka, where thousands of displaced families from Northern Syria have already fled. We are preparing for more people to arrive from the areas currently being bombed.

We are providing emergency food, water, hygiene essentials and shelter for the innocent families who have been forced to flee the deadly violence in North Eastern Syria. These families desperately need your support to prevent their suffering from even escalating further.

Syria needs your help.

Donate today to provide Syrians with immediate emergency relief.

Please note:
Due to the complex nature of disasters, our provisions may be changed so that we can adapt to people’s most urgent needs. For example, if there is an outbreak of cholera in the aftermath of this disaster, we may need to use some of our funds to provide life-saving Hygiene Kits or Medical Packs. You can rest assured that your donations will go towards helping vulnerable Syrians in the best, most efficient, ways possible. Thank you!