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The People from Idlib Need You

As new airstrikes are carried out across two dozen locations in Idlib, the UN warns of an impending humanitarian disaster in the northern Syria region. Penny Appeal is closely monitoring the situation, and preparing to continue its response in the country to help those devastatingly affected.

Reports suggest that at least thirteen people have been killed, and a number of people are still missing and thought to be trapped under rubble following the attacks. 

Half of Idlib’s population have already fled their homes to other parts of Syria. Once a large-scale assault begins, it is very likely that there will be even more civilian displacement with up to 700,000 people fleeing their homes, towards the north. Please donate to support the suffering people from Idlib.

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Support Syrians as they Endure Further Suffering

With recent reports of further suffering in Daraa, Douma and Idlib, thousands of ordinary Syrians remain desperately in need of support.

Penny Appeal teams have been in Syria ever since the civil war began, providing life-changing support to vulnerable men, women and children. Help us support those suffering from the devastating effects of this conflict. Donate to provide food, household items and medical aid to help these vulnerable people live another day.


The people of Syria have been facing a devastating war for the last seven years. Official figures reveal that over 13 million people across Syria – which is above 70% of the population - are in urgent need of humanitarian aid, over 5 million of those being children.

Penny Appeal has been working with partners on the ground since the conflict began, and thanks to your generosity we have been delivering life-saving food, water and shelter. Together, we’re supporting thousands of families during their most difficult times, when they have nobody else to turn to. We have been providing nutritious, cooked meals for thousands of Syrians displaced within the country and living in temporary shelters and camps, in Ghoutta, Idlib and Alleppo

Your Donations are Saving Lives

In Idlib we’re restoring flats to provide homes for 850 refugees from Eastern Ghouta, and converting another building into facilities where 50 families can live safely.

We’ve been distributing vital baby kits to new and expectant mothers and water purification tablets to help hundreds of people drink, cook and wash with clean water

When attacks on Eastern Ghouta intensified in March 2018, our team was able to distribute
life-saving, pre-cooked meals to 3,500 people sheltering from the bombing.

So far we have shipped more than 50,000 food parcels to Syrian refugees in Iraq and provided over 300,000 meals to Syrians during Ramadan 2018.

 Your support makes all this possible, helping to relieve the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees around the world. 

Syrian Refugee Children

The children of Syria are growing up surrounded by destruction, disease and death. More than 80 percent of Syria's children have been injured, and around 3.7 million children have been born in the past five years amidst the ongoing conflict, meaning they have never known peace.

Penny Appeal has been supporting the education of Syrian refugees in Turkey. Hundreds of Syrian refugee children living in remote areas of Istanbul have been provided with informal education activities, life skills games and psychosocial support. This has included games, cartoons and documentaries to help them understand their new cultural context. They are also provided with hygiene awareness support and given basic hygiene kits. We are also working in Beqaa Valley, Lebanon where hundreds of Syrian refugee children are being provided with psychosocial support, through sessions revolving around art, music, technology, sports, and nature.

Return that hope and give them a reason to live another day by donating now

Living amongst the ruins, facing endless poverty and with no chance of enjoying a happy childhood, they are losing hope for the future.

Penny Appeal teams are on the ground providing vital aid to the people of Syria:


  • Delivering nutritious food to besieged towns such as Madaya, where essential supplies have been cut off for months, leaving people to starve to death.
  • Working in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon, where refugee camps have become home to hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Supporting refugees arriving in Greece who have made the dangerous journey to Europe in the hope of finding a brighter future and peace


The desperate situation facing the people of Syria has no end in sight, and every day thousands more are forced to flee their homes.

You can help the people of Syria by donating now to provide life-saving aid. Our teams distribute essential items such as nutritious food packs, clothes and blankets, hygiene essentials and medical provisions. 

Your support is urgently needed, so please donate now to help Syrian refugees.