Flash flooding as a result of recent heavy rains has devastated much of East Africa with over 260 people killed so far.

The death toll is still rising, however, the tragic loss of life is just the tip of the iceberg. Millions of pounds worth of property, crops, livestock and industry has been destroyed in some of the worst flooding the region has seen in decades.

Tens of thousands of vulnerable people have been displaced and are in immediate need of emergency shelter and food.

Flooding has washed away roads, bridges, an entire hospital in Uganda and even an entire small town in Somalia. The torrential rain across East Africa has compounded problems for governments already struggling to respond to COVID-19. 

Lake Victoria, Africa’s biggest inland water body, has spilled over its banks and weather conditions are set to worsen in the coming weeks. Penny Appeal has been working in the regions for several years and our teams and partners are mobilising on the ground to respond

 In this blessed month of Ramadan, you can provide life-saving food and shelter to those fleeing this disaster.

Meteorologists predict that the heavier than usual rains will continue throughout May, and with more rain on the way, May Allah (SWT) protect those effected during this blessed month. The situation in the regions affected by the floods in East Africa is dire.

Some people have lost homes, some people have lost their livelihoods, some have lost their family members, and some have lost all they ever had.

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