East Africa Emergency

One person at risk of dying every 48 seconds

Penny Appeal are on the ground delivering food, water, and other essentials to those who are suffering. Our network of staff and partners have extensive experience in the region and are working tirelessly to deliver aid to the most affected communities. You can help by donating today and providing supplies and assistance to those who are most vulnerable.

We're all too familiar with the heart-wrenching images every time famine rears its head in Africa. But this time, the crisis is unfolding on a scale that is almost too difficult to grasp. The current drought is now deemed the worst in 40 years, and over 23 million people are experiencing extreme hunger.

One person is dying every 48 seconds in East Africa right now. That's almost two thousand people per day. Half a million people across Somalia and Ethiopia are facing famine-like conditions, and 3.5 million people in Kenya are suffering crisis levels of hunger. As livestock herds are decimated by the drought and food prices rise, more people are likely to be pushed into hunger. As food and water become scarcer, families are forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in cities and camps.

The people of East Africa need our help now more than ever before. If we don't act now, the death toll will continue to rise.