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Gaza Emergency

Gaza is in urgent need of aid

Donate now to help the people of Gaza rebuild their lives.


£50 Food Pack
Water Storage Tank
Sponsor a Gaza Orphan
Water filter kit for a family Water filter kit for a family
Distribution of clean water to schools

£10,000 builds a medical room

Help provide clean water to schools £100


During the 50-day conflict in summer 2014:

Over 1,500 children were orphaned and their nightmares continue as they face a daily struggle to survive.

You can sponsor an orphan in Gaza for just £180, which will provide all the care they need for a year, including education, nutritious meals, healthcare and a safe home with a loving foster mother.

Infrastructure has been severely damaged, cutting off vital water supplies.

You can provide clean water to 10 schools each month for £2,500, which means children are more likely to go to classes.

Some 17 hospitals, 56 primary health facilities and 45 ambulances were destroyed or damaged, leaving people without access to medical care and support.

You can provide a new medical room for £10,000. It will be fully equipped with high quality equipment including a bed, units, IV stand and monitor.

Penny Appeal teams are on the ground in Gaza providing this life-saving aid.

With your support, we can help rebuild Gaza.


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Gaza Emergency



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