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Who are Team Orange?

We’re a volunteering and fundraising family, and we want people to do good deeds while having awesome experiences.

With Team Orange there’s something for everyone, so whether you want to bag-pack at your local supermarket, run a charity dinner or even climb the highest mountain in the world – we’ve got new and exciting opportunities and experiences for everyone!

It is a vehicle for change. It is a movement, designed to allow individuals from across the country the opportunity to showcase the positive work Muslims do. The idea is to unite people from across the UK, through shared interest, in order to help people from across the globe.

We’ve got some epic opportunities for you to change the world!

Be part of a genuinely kind and truly powerful community of change-makers and world-shakers. Climb, run, campaign, volunteer, have heart, make change, fundraise, bring justice and do good.

Ready to make our world amazing?

Join Team Orange and let’s make it happen.

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