Saturday 10th August 2024

Are you ready to become a champion for humanity?

Embark on a daring trek with #TeamOrange and contribute to funding emergency supplies for those affected by disaster. Your support can make a significant impact in providing relief for millions of people facing urgent needs around the world.

For countless individuals worldwide this journey might be the lifeline they desperately need. By joining #TeamOrange on this adventurous ascent up the highest peak in Wales, you're not just conquering a mountain – you're bringing hope to those in crisis. 

Sign up to Trek Snowdon today and help us address emergency response needs. Limited spots are available, so secure your spot now! Download our information pack for all the details about the trek.

When you’re on top of the world looking down on creation, you’ll know you’ve done your part to make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Registration: £20 (Includes qualified Mountain Guides)

Minimum Sponsorship: £150

To participate, a registration fee is required, along with a commitment to raise an additional £150 before the event. These funds will contribute to emergency response efforts, ensuring communities in need receive timely and effective support.

With your support, we aim to bring emergency relief to communities, providing aid for essential needs and breaking the cycle of hardship. There is no limit to fundraising—raising more allows us to implement more emergency response solutions, reaching more people in need.

“Whoever saves a life, it is as if he has saved the whole of mankind” 
(Qur’an 5:32)

Emergency Response

Wherever or whenever crisis strikes, we’re here to help. Our Emergency Response teams are experts at quickly, efficiently and compassionately helping people survive war, famine and natural disasters.

Snowdon Trek

Kickstart your fundraising by setting up your Enthuse page for online donations. Once your fundraising page is ready, click below to join our team page.
Maximize the impact of your fundraising and training endeavours by sharing your story on social media. Remember to use the hashtags #PennyAppeal, #TeamOrange, and tag @teamorangepa for shares!

For more information please contact our Challenges Team via [email protected]

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