Ukraine Emergency

The crisis in Ukraine has caused massive displacement within Ukraine and led 1.7 million people (the vast majority of whom are women and children) to flee into neighbouring countries.

The large population movement puts pressure on already thinly stretched support services and displaced populations face challenges such as overcrowding, poor availability of basic services, lack of food and essential non-food items, and the risk of COVID-19 transmissions.

As the crisis continues, populations and critical infrastructure throughout 

the width and breadth of Ukraine and neighbouring countries are under threat and needs grow.

Please support our brothers and sisters in humanity during their time of need.

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Penny Appeal are on the ground in Moldova supporting Ukrainian refugees who have fled for safety.

Help us take immediate action today by providing food packs, blankets, bedding, and medical aid to those seeking sanctuary.

Donate now to support Ukrainian refugees who have fled for safety

Attacks are intensifying, and there are many more people who still need our help.

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