Bangladesh Monsoon Emergency

Over 70% of Sylhet is under water, this is one of the largest regions in Bangladesh. Thousands of people have fled for safety, while millions have been left stranded due to the monsoon floods across the region, with dozens tragically having lost their lives.

Each year, heavy monsoon rains threaten millions of lives across South Asia. This year’s monsoon season is getting worse by the day, causing widespread damage across Bangladesh. Communities have lost their homes, livelihoods and lack access to essential food, water, and basic medical assistance.

Penny Appeal is working with partners on the ground to provide life-saving support to those whose lives have been torn apart this monsoon season.

Help the People of Bangladesh

Being trapped and surrounded by deep floodwater means people are unable to access basic essentials, and the little supplies they do have are quickly running out. The strong winds and heavy rain continue to put lives and property at risk. Entire livelihoods, cattle and farmland are destroyed, leaving people with absolutely nothing. Please help us help them, today.

Donate to Bangladesh Emergency Food and Shelters