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Yemen Famine Crisis

Donate now to help put a stop to malnutrition and famine. 

Over 18.8 million people in Yemen (80% of the population) are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. Due to ongoing conflict, Yemen is approaching a serious humanitarian crisis; according to the UN the people of Yemen are “one step away from famine”.


family food pack water pack
food hygiene and medication


We have been working in Yemen for three years now since July 2014 providing hundreds of families with lifesaving food packs, hot food provisions and essential aid. We are now seeking donations urgently to help provide lifesaving aid in this time of extreme crisis.


Children are dying of malnutrition due to food and water shortages; there is also a serious lack of medical provisions. The youngest are hit hardest, there are claims that a child under five is dying every five minutes.


The high mortality rate of Yemeni civilians is preventable, but due to a food shortage, many are dying slow and painful deaths.


This humanitarian catastrophe extends beyond just food. The internal conflict has led to a freeze of salaries, soaring of fuel prices, lack of medicines, and doctors who cannot afford to go to the hospital.


1000 emergency meals  emergency shelter


Penny Appeal are able to provide emergency food, medicines, and hygiene kits in aid of the Yemeni civilians.


According to the UN £1.7 billion is needed to prevent the famine in Yemen. Please donate what you can today to help make a difference and save a life.

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Yemen Famine Crisis



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