The Malikah Project & Penny Appeal

Empowered women empowering women

Learn women’s self-defence and pass on the power to your community with our free Malikah Self-Defence Courses in London and Manchester this December!


Empower women in your community

Learning self-defence will help you feel secure, give you a positive relationship with your body and allow you to feel comfortable with the skin you’re in; teaching self-defence lets you pass on those amazing feelings and empower your community.

With the Malikah Project’s Self-Defence Course, you’ll learn how to build up your self-defence tool kit and train others to do the same! 

How to get involved

Are you a teacher, leader or organiser?

Whether you help out at your local mosque, teach girls at school or participate in a student club, we want to speak to you.

Penny Appeal and The Malikah Project are looking to partner with businesses, institutions, charities and clubs in Manchester and London – we’re offering to train you for free, so that you can pass on your training to other women in your community, organisation or group.

Our 4-day Malikah Self-Defence Course is taking place in London from December 12th – 15th, and in Manchester from December 17th– 20th!

Interested? We’d love to hear from you, answer any questions and get going!


Are you a member of Team Orange?

Come along to our free self-defence training sessions in London and Manchester!

In Penny Appeal’s 90-minute Self-Defence Training Session, you’ll learn from Malikah experts, teaching you basic blocks, strikes and de-escalation specially designed for the modern Muslimah – everything from ‘How to Stop a Grab to the Hijab’ to using your voice effectively in a crisis.

Sign up today for your free self-defence training!


Why self-defence?

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need to learn self-defence.

But whilst we work to make that world into a reality, we also deserve to feel safe and secure. You have the right to feel safe in your community, and you most certainly have the right to defend yourself in the face of danger.

Watch the video on why!

The Malikah Self-Defence Course

The Malikah Self-Defence Course is taught by black-belt level instructors, and covers verbal de-escalation, basic blocks, strikes, pressure points and uses techniques from various martial arts styles, specially crafted for women, to teach you how to defend yourself, and teach you to show others.

The courses de-escalation techniques allow you to learn how to use the power of your own body and voice to make you feel safe, no matter your surroundings. Once you have the important Malikah self-defence knowledge, we will teach you how to teach others!

Gain control over your security and space, and help others to do the same.

Our free 4-day Malikah self-defence delivery course is taking place in London from December 12th – 15th, and in Manchester from December 17th– 20th!

Once you’ve honed your self-defence skills, get ready to make a real difference for the women in your communities! From mosques to schools to community centres, you now have the amazing opportunity to teach other women the life-saving techniques you’ve learned through the Malikah Project. You’ll be bringing a world of change to each woman you pass your knowledge onto and making a positive change in your community!


Self-Defence Sessions for Team Orange

At the end of each of these courses, there will be a 90-minute self-defence session open to all Malikah Project participants and local Team Orange volunteers.

This will help you learn all the basics of Self Defence as a strong, empowered woman.

The Malikah Project opens the door to safety, and helps women learn to stand up for themselves. Sign up to the Malikah Project to see just how strong you can be!

Our free 90-minute self-defence session is taking place in London on December 15th, and in Manchester on December 19th from 7:30pm to 9pm!